Friday, October 30, 2009

Gifts in a Jar

Gifts in a Jar have been popular for enough years, that even the stores are cashing in on this by selling pre-made gifts in a jar now. Yes, really! By now, we all know what a gift in a jar is- a large jar with layers of different dry ingredients in it, and a recipe attached to the jar.

Tonight, as I sit here sleepless at almost 2am, I did a web search for frugal homemade gift ideas. Of course, Gifts in a Jar came up quickly.

Did you know, though, that there are gifts you can make in a jar that don't require the person to cook something? Here are some ideas.

Family Movie Night

What You'll Need:
Popcorn Kernels
Movie Store Gift Card

Keep the popcorn in it's own bag, or put it in a smaller baggie, and tie it off. Insert the gift card, then pour candy in around it, so the card is hidden. Wrap with black tissue paper, and add a 'recipe' card to it that reads like a real recipe.

1 Air Popper or Oil & Pot for Stove Top Popping
1 Free Night
1 Trip to Video Store

1- Go to the video store, and pick out a (or more, depending on the value of the card) movie, on us.
2- Pop the popcorn
3- Start the movie, and enjoy the candy, popcorn, and time together!

The cost of making this gift is dependent on how much you get the gift card for. I would recommend seeing what the cost of 2 brand new releases are, and making the card out for that much. If they pick older rentals, they might get 3 or 4 rentals instead of just 2.

Game Night in A Jar

What You'll Need:
A Deck of Cards
Poker Chips (or, raid Goodwill for old games, and put fake game money it it!)
Card Game Book- This wouldn't likely fit in the jar, but would be a nice addition to the gift.

Fill the jar with the items, and on the attached card, write out something like:

Have a Fun Family Game Night
Just Add The Family!

Sewing Kit, for someone you know who likes to sew

What You'll Need:
An assortment of thread
A packet of new needles
A pair of new scissors
Fabric- this is to cover the top- it should be a round swatch about 2" wider than the jar lid.

Simply fill the jar with the 'ingredients'. Cover the lid with the fabric, and tie off with a ribbon.

Gifts in a Jar are limited only by what will fit in the jar- if you have any other ideas, please let me know! I'd love to share them!


Garden Gerty said...

Hi, I am glad you pointed us this way. I know you are a frugal person from other posts but you still have lots of fun.

Expressions by Heather said...

You're welcome! I have always been "thrifty", and have tried to share tips when, and where I can. I'm hoping this blog will help a lot of people with Christmas, especially.