Friday, November 13, 2009

Busy Thursday!

Yesterday, I was really in a crafting mood. Here are just some of the projects I worked on yesterday! I'll do full reports on several of the bigger projects, but here's a sneak peek!

Jeweled Ornament-

This is easy to do, however, the glitter does not dry very fast, and in order to handle it easily, it could be broken up into 2 days worth of projects, which is excessive for the simplicity of the ornament. When left wet at an up & down angle, though, the drips kept going. If they were sideways, the gems started to smear off to the side. Not sure if we'll do this craft with the kids or not!

Every year, I make the kids new winter hats. They are fun, and easy to make, and the kids love them. This is my first one this year, which I made for my youngest using light blue fleece, and blue, purple, and white patterened fleece quilt blocks. These were from a quilt package I picked up years ago, and never got very far with. I've been using the blocks for scarves, pillows, and now, hats. I cut the seams all the way around, which turned out cute, I think!

My friend Karen really liked the wreaths I've made, so she requested one. I was hoping to find purple for her, but Dollar Tree was out of purple, and Walmart didn't carry any. I did find purple late last night at Meijers, but at double the cost! 24 ornaments for $10! Not happening, too expensive! She settled on the ice blue & silver, wintery combo.

I picked up these light bulbs at Goodwill- a 4 pack for $.59. I got 2 packs of red, and 1 pack of green. These ornaments were super easy, and I'm glad I went with the larger light bulbs, as the eyes used were the smallest ones I had, and fit just right.

I posted this project yesterday, but since it's one I did during the day, I thought I would add it to my accomplishments for the day!

Last night, I did this shrug made from a t-shirt. This was my second try at it. My first try was a disaster. I will say this- do NOT use one of those form fitting, super stretchy shirts, because they do not come out good. This was a baggy v-neck shirt, and I love how it came out!

I followed the tutorial here.

Last week, I found a brand new, plain red felt tree skirt for $2.99 at Goodwill, and picked it up. I considered doing some applique work on it. My next stop after Goodwill, though, was Dollar Tree, where I found 2-count packs of large felt Christmas Trees in green & red. They also had large ornaments, which I liked, but came in red & white. I'd have to use 6 packs of those instead of 3 packs of the trees. All I did was count out the spaces (24 scallops, 6 objects- 1 object every 4 scallops), and hot glue them into place. I have a nice, unique tree skirt, and I only spent $6 total!

And, that is what kept my busy yesterday!

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