Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dollar Store Craft Time: Christmas Candle

Today, I stopped into Dollar Tree (I believe I should buy stock, as much as I am in there lately!), and spent some time just looking around and trying to think up new things to do. I haven't been posting as often lately, because most of the things I am working on are things I have already posted about.

While in the craft aisle, I found some hurricane type vases, nice and petite, and started immediatly thinking that if I could find a candle holder that would sit on top, I could fill it with something. I grabbed one, and headed towards the candle section.

I did not find a clear one, like I was hoping, but I did find some brightly colored ones with wide lips, and it was the perfect size! It sat right in the mouth of the vase perfectly! They have red, yellow, green, and blue. After thinking for a few minutes, I grabbed the green. They were pre-filled with candles.

I briefly considered adding decorative stones or marbles to the bottom, but worried that if it got knocked around, it would break easier with something heavy in it. As I was wandering, the curling ribbon bows caught my eye, but they are pricey when I can buy $1 worth of ribbon, and have enough curls for 8 of those bows. There was a pack with metallic silver, gold, red, blue, and green curling ribbon for $1, so I settled on that.

Dollar Store Christmas Candle

You'll Need:
1 Hurricane Vase
1 Candle that will sit easily in the mouth of the vase
1 filler- Curling ribbon, bells, marbles, fabric ribbons, beads, etc
Glue Gun
Decorative ribbon

  1. Clean all the tags off the vase & candle holder. I resorted to goo gone to get them clean.
  2. Curl several lengths of ribbon, in assorted colors. Obviously if you chose something else, you can skip this. ;)
  3. Fill the vase with the object you chose. With the curling ribbon, I filled the vase to the very top, because it still squished down. I also added a few jingle bells, but they were too small to see.
  4. Use hot glue to attach the candle to the vase. If you would like, you can skip this step, so that you can change out the items in the vase depending on the season or holiday.
  5. I noticed that the glue was visible, so I used a length of skinny gold metallic ribbon to wind around the mouth of the vase. I added a bow to it, and voila!

Total Costs:
Vase- $1 (or more, if you shop elsewhere)
Candle Holder- $1 (though, I think Walmart used to carry empty, clear candle holders for $.50 that would have fit as well)
Candle (if the holder came empty)- $.25
Filler- $1, give or take, depending on your choice. I have a LOT of ribbon left over, so if you make several of these, the price would go down. I could easily make 2-3 more on the ribbon I have left.

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