Thursday, December 3, 2009

25 Ornaments - Day 4

This is a really simple ornament. I was running low on ideas at the time. However, it's also something that I think kids will love making!

Double Star Ornament

You'll Need:
2 star shapes- I used foam, but you could use felt or wooden shapes, or fleece, or even sew a few stars
Glitter Glue
Gems, beads, or Sequins

  1. Glue a smaller star on top of a larger star.
  2. Attempt to make glitter glue polka dots- hate them, fret over a ruined start, then use your finger to smear the glitter glue all over the top star, so it is covered in gold glitter. Or, you could skip trying the polka dots, and just smear. It's your choice! ;)
  3. Frown because it's rather plain, and all together too easy.
  4. Exclaim in delight as you pull out a baggie of gems, and glue one to the center.
  5. Add ribbon to the back to hang it from the tree with, or a magnet to stick it on the fridge.

 Like I said, I was running low on ideas at the time. I have a fun one in mind to try tonight, though, and I already have a cool one done for day 5. If all goes well, I'll have a cute day 6 done by tonight!

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