Friday, December 4, 2009

25 Ornaments - Day 5

Happy Friday everyone!

For Day 4, I admit, I slacked off a little bit. I did what I could with the items I had on hand that would make for a nice quick ornament. Still, it's a good one for kids, I think, since it's easy enough for even a toddler to handle!

For Day 5 of 25 Days of Christmas Ornaments, I took inspiration I found in a store. I went into KMart the other day, and saw one of those jingle bell necklaces, and loved it! It did require me running out to my favorite store in the world, but I was able to make a recreation of the necklace in ornament form, and just love it.

Santa Bell Ornament

You'll Need:
1 medium to large Jingle Bell- Dollar Tree has them in a garland, 12 bells for a buck!
Red Felt Square
White Felt Square
Small white pom pom
Hot Glue Gun & Glue
Thin ribbon

  1. Cut a rectangle of red felt long enough to wrap all the way around the bell. Cut a thin, equally long white strip.
  2. Place the length of ribbon on the red felt, so the ends are both along the bottom edge, but not near the seam. Hot glue the white strip to the red rectangle, along one edge, and over top of the ribbon.
  3. Squirt a bit of glue onto a small portion of the red-only side of the felt, on the edge. Place the bell on the glue where you want the hat to 'sit'. From there, glue along the edge while rolling the bell into the glue to affix the hat to the bell.
  4. Skip gluing the back open seam to the hat, it isn't needed. Gather the top of the hat together, pinching it small, and use glue between the folds to hold it together. Keep it pinched for a few moments while it dries.
  5. The hat should stand straight up now about 1 1/2" above the bell. Fold the hat downward to one side, where the open seam is. Tuck the material in as you fold it Use a bit of glue to glue the tip of the hat down to the 'rim' of the hat.
  6. Glue the white pom pom to the end or side of the tip of the hat.

     Now, you have a nice little Jingle Bell Santa Ornament! They are cute, and I plan to make more of these up for the big container of handmade ornaments I'll be taking with me to each of the parties we go to this year. I'm planning to let everyone pick an ornament out as a gift!

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