Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Felt Magnets

Do you ever just sit at your craft area, staring at the items, and hoping for inspiration? No? Oh.. uh... me neither. Nope.

A few nights ago, I was messing around with some magnet and trying to come up with something that I can use as an add in to the homemade gifts I've made for this year. Each person is getting an ornament, as well as the regular gift item I chose for that person or family.

As I played around, I decided to make snowflakes out of puff balls on the magnet. But, I wanted to hide the magnet, so I dug through my felt, and pulled out navy blue felt with sparkles. When I started working with the pom poms, I realized I didn't have enough to make them this way, and didn't especially like how they looked anyway.

The pom poms got tucked safely away. What I found when I tucked them away was my stash of glitter glue. I wound up drawing snowflake designs on squares of navy blue glitter felt, which was glued to squares of magnet.

A frugal craft- the magnets were free promotional magnets I save through out the year when I get them. The felt was on hand, as well as the glitter glue. I made both silver & gold glitter.

They will make a nice add on to the gifts, at no added cost to me. Like I said- a frugal gift, indeed!

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