Friday, February 12, 2010

Crafty Sadness

Tonight, Nick and I went to the grocery store. Actually, it's a "super center"- much like a Super Walmart, but these have been around longer than Super Walmarts, and frankly, are better for groceries. I digress.

Before leaving, I swung by the pathetic, half of a single aisle sized craft department. They have basics, and not much else. To my horror, one side of the half aisle wide department was clearanced out. Every last thing on that side. And, of course, it's the crafty side, not the sewing side.

Now, while I like a great deal, this lead me to think that the store is doing away with that side.  They carry some wood shapes, wood objects, various glues, a small selection of paints, lots of pipe cleaners, felt, pom poms, sequins, and more misc items.

I did pick up 4 items. Mod Podge was $3 a bottle for the small bottles, so I grabbed 1 glossy and 1 matte (I have a half bottle of matte, but no glossy, and I've been wanting it!). I also grabbed a wooden cubed box. I can't wait to attack that. Lastly, I picked up a package of 10" long skinny dowels for just $.90. Not sure what I'll do with those, but I'll find a use.

I'm sad. They have a similar selection to Walmart, but better prices. Their felt is $.23 a sheet. Walmart's is $.47. Sure, it's $.25 or cheaper at both Michaels and HobLob, but they are a 20 minute drive each way. Meijers and Walmart are the only two stores in town with a predictable craft supply. Dollar Tree has craft items, but you never know what you'll find, or if the item you want will be there next time you go.

So, while I'm happy that I got some cheap Mod Podge, I'm sad that I'm losing another craft section. On the plus side, their tubs of buttons that I love so much are on the sewing side, which thus far, is intact. Seems to me, in this small town, there would be more of a call for kid friendly craft items than sewing items, but who knows.

Maybe they aren't doing away with it. Maybe it's just an inventory thing. Who knows, right? I will certainly be keeping an eye on the prices, and if it drops more, I'll be grabbing lots more stuff.

Too bad the felt was all gone- it was down to $.13 a sheet. But, I noticed the last two times I was in, that the felt was down to slim pickings without being on clearance. Probably never restocked it.


2sisters said...

That's no fun! Maybe they'll get new stuff in. One can hope!

CC said...

Good craft sections are getting fewer
and fewer..only the bigger stores are's such a shame too.

Heather@ said...

I am really hoping they are just clearing it out to make room for new inventory. It's a shame that craft supplies are so hard to get in small towns. I am glad I'm not -that- far from a large town with 2 Michaels and 2 Hobby Lobby's, plus 1 large Jo-Ann's, and 1 small Jo-Ann's. I just wish I lived closer to them! Go figure, when I lived 5 minutes from each of them (I could see Michael's sign from my living room window!), I almost never went.

Feels like lately, it's become a weekend trip every weekend.

tales from an oc cottage said...

They did this to our Walmart a couple years ago....I used to wander in the craft section for an hour or I just get my Tacky Glue then I'm on my way. What a bummer! And we don't even have Hobby Lobby's out here!

m ^..^