Thursday, April 29, 2010

New Bike, Take 2!

Yesterday, I posted about my Good Deal Day, which included a new bike for me! Well, today, said bike went back to Walmart. The frame was... well, length wise, it wasn't built right. It was far too short- every time I tried turning, the handle bars hit my legs (and I did raise the handle bars as far as they could go). The front wheel also hit my feet when I turned, too.

Yesterday, they had 2 cruisers that I saw in my price range- the one I bought, and a bright, candy pink Schwinn for $99. I am not a candy pink kind of girl, but I was willing to try it in the store- well, same problem. The handles kept hitting my legs. :(

After looking around for a bit, I saw it- all the way on the top shelf of the 3 layer bike shelf. A bright, aqua blue metallic, modernized looking cruiser for $99. I had to find someone who could get it down, and cringed as this poor guy had to single handedly get it down with a ladder, and hold it one handed as he got off the ladder.

I tried it out, and rode it down the aisle, despite how amusing I must have been to other people. It was perfect. The handle bars were forward and up, like those old U shaped handle bars bikes had in the 80's when I was little (only, not so big). The other two cruisers had handles that came to the side, which contributed to them hitting my legs, I think.

It's beautiful, and it's all mine! We got it home, and tonight, the kids and I just went for a bike ride. How refreshing, not having to lean forward to do so. It was a nice smooth ride- I love my new bike! I got to sit up straight to ride the bike- it was nice. I can't wait to ride it every day!

See how low the frame goes? I don't have to lift my leg too high to get over the frame. It was VERY easy to get on and off of. I love it! Now, I just need a big wicker basket for the front of it. ;)


Dawn said...

Oh how fun, and congratulations on finding the perfect one.

Vicki in UT said...

You almost make me want to buy a bike of my own! lol

Heather@ My Frugal Family said...

I tell you what- it's a world of difference riding a cruiser from a standard bike. Just being able to sit up makes the ride a LOT more comfortable!

Veronica said...

Nice bike. I like it better than the first one. I have a mountain bike that I love to ride.