Friday, June 18, 2010

Ah... Summer

Summer officially started on a cold, dreary day last Friday, as school let out for 3 whole months. Chris was the first to come running home, followed shortly later by Raegan. Gilly didn't get out for just over an hour yet. Chris, though.. he's the excited one. He came tearing in the house, asking, "Is it time yet?"

Time for what? Time to leave his mom and dad for 2. Whole. Months. Yes, 2 months. My FIL recently relocated to Florida. He was in North Carolina previously, and moved to Florida to help with his mom, who lived down there on her own, though my FIL's brother lived next door. Grandma had gotten to the point where she needed more care than they could give, though, and was put in a home. Sadly, she fell about 2 months ago now, and slipped into a coma, and passed away.

But, back to my story. FIL Mike moved to Florida and took over his mothers home. In a pre-death agreement, Mike would get the house, but pay for half of a pre-determined value (which was MUCH lower than the actual market value, from what I understand) to his brother.

Now that my FIL is retired, he has been wanting to take Chris for a summer. He's all about boys- get him around the girls, and he just doesn't know what to do with them. We came to an agreement with him and Chris though. So long as Chris got nothing below a B all school year, he would take him for a few weeks over the summer to Florida.

Well, weeks turned into months. Chris left for Florida within an hour of school letting out, and aside from emails, phone calls, and digital pictures, I won't see him until August. -sigh-

I've been unable to talk to him, though, as I was gone photographing a wedding over the weekend. He called my phone yesterday while I was in a doctor's appointment, and when I called back, I got voice mail. He sounded excited in the voice mail he gave me, though.

He got all his hair cut off. It's gone! He went from having a head full of thick, slightly long blond hair, to a slightly longer than average buzz cut. Crazy kid!


FrugalMom said...

Wow, Heather I know that must be one huge step for you as a mother. I bet Chris is going to have a fantastic summer though.

My dad wants my son to fly to Europe next summer, and I think I might have agreed to it.

Summer has really started around here as well. We picked up Roshane from school on the last day and headed straight for Florida's west coast, where we have been ever since.

Heather@ My Frugal Family said...

On one hand, it's a HUGE relief not having him and Gillian fighting NON stop all summer. And, summer will be cheaper. But, I still miss the little guy, and I'm sure it'll get worse as the summer goes on.

They called and talked to Nick as they were driving across the Florida border. Nick's dad was telling Nick, "We, uh, picked up some souviners on the drive down." Chris was in the background saying, "Papa, we picked up like 2 POUNDS of brouchures!"

They have had fun, so far. They stayed over in Detroit for a night with my FIL's friend, then stayed in North Carolina in FIL's old place for a few days, before driving to Florida. He got there on Tuesday. He's loving it, though.