Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blanketeer & More!

This week, I was in touch with Blanketeer & More on Facebook. She makes some pretty cool things like car seat tents, purses, key chains, and even camera straps- but she also is a wonderful crocheter!

Several months back, I won a crocheted headband and flower clip from a different person, and loved it. This week, I received 3 crocheted flowers from Blanketeer & More, and I have to say- I LOVE them. These flowers are very similar to the one I won back in February, but the quality of the yarn, and the stitching is a lot better. These flowers are nice and tight- no unraveling for them, and the yarn is soft without being fuzzy or worn as so many yards tend to do. The flower I have from February is fuzzy, loose, and worn looking.

I received 1 large flower, and 2 smaller flowers, each on their own lined alligator clip. They were all superbly made, and I would not hesitate to purchase these flowers from her in the future for my own use. These flowers can be worn alone in the hair, or even on a shirt for a bit of flair, or they can be clipped onto a headband.

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