Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 1: Behavior Points & Chores

Well, yesterday was Day 1 on the new Behavior Point Chart. To coincide with it, we also modified the chore chart to add in things that don't get done, and take off things that didn't need to be done as often as they were. Last summer, Chris went to Florida with my FIL for most of the summer, and that was the last time I re-did the chart. Chris didn't have assigned chores, we just found things for him to do. Now, they are all on the chart.

Overall, it went good. Raegan did try to sneak off and hide in her room, under the guise of changing out of jeans into sweats. After calling her down 2 separate times over a 25 minute period, she finally came back down.

Gillian did her chores, though she wound up doing some wrong ones, and having to do extra to do her assigned ones.

Chris did all of his without dragging his feet, or getting upset.

I did not have to take any points away at all yesterday- the kids did not fight even once, which is a miracle in and of itself.

In the end, Gillian earned 3 points, and Chris & Rae each earned 2, so they are at 8 & 7 for the day. Not bad for day 1!

Here's hoping the following days go as smoothly.

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