Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kids, points, and the first week

Overall, the week has gone fairly well. The past few days have gone pretty much the same as the few before it, so I won't break it down by day.

The kids are staying fairly consistant with points- the really are trying to behave better so they do not lose points, but they really are not stepping up to do things that can earn them extra points, either. I hope that in time, i will see them doing things like picking up after themselves, and helping each other.

This week, or federal taxes came back, after frustration and delays. I am so glad to have it back, though it really only went towards catching up bills, and doing a tad bit of splurging.

I have also been spending time getting hair things made. On the 26th, my friend C and I have a vendors booth rented out at a Mom 2 Mom sale. We are hoping it will bring a lot of sales, as we have some neat items waiting, like tutus, flowers, headbands, bows, and more, and all at nice, low prices.

I am also planning our summer vacation. I got my husband to settle on a date, because for the first time, he will be joining us for the entire vacation, short though it may be. With his work schedule, he rarely likes to take time off all at once, let alone most of a week, but i convinced him to this time.

We settled on going to Mackinaw City. I took the kids up there two summers ago all alone, and loved the area, but the stress of having two high maintance kids and a newly minted teenager was a bit much to do alone. This year, we made a few changes- no tent, instead, we ar renting a cabin at a camp ground. Small, but with 4 beds, a table inside, a mini fridge, and a microwave even.

Last time, i was all for campfire cooking, but that campground does not have actual fire pits. Instead, they have tiny, dinner pplate sized fire "pans" to build your fire in. Makes for a tiny, very hard to build and keep goiing fire. I made a lot of sandwiches last time.

Now that we have dates in mind, and know where we are going and what we are going to be doing, i am able to start the hard part- budgetting and saving money.

All of the money from my mom 2 mom sale will br going towards this. All of my online earnings (or, ehat i don't use to buy more supplies) is also being funneled into the savings. I also started a change jar. At the end of the day, all change or $1 bills in my purse and pockets goes into the jar. I did have about $12 in change built up from just tossing it in a cup on my bedside table, but now that i am actively saving, i have just about $40 saved up.

I figured with a generous gas budget and food budget, plus entry fees, campground fees, and spending money, we can do it with about $800. I know that seems high, but that allows us to do a lot of tourist things- going to the isle alone will cost just about $80, plus a $65 family pass to the various historical parks.

And last but not leat... I got a brand new DSLR camera- i love it! It gives me more confidance in my portraits, which is another source of income. Plus, yesterday, Nick surprised me by picking up an extra battery, a set of filters, a tripod, and a remote to take photos with while being in them. My goal is to do our first ever full family portrait hhis summer when we are in Mackinaw City. I want to do some with the bridge in the bwckground. I think thwt will make for some fun portraits.

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Brittany said...

The island is great! I can't wait to take my family. And your change jar will do wonders! We have one and do pretty well with it. Another great way to save money is everytime you take a check to the bank get $20 (or $10) back in quarter rolls. Put hem in a shoe box and leave them there. You'll be surprised how fast you can save up $100. Then when your ready to use itjust go to the bank and cash it in!