Monday, May 23, 2011


Someone posted about this deal on a website I frequent, but details are lacking. I am planning to stop in tomorrow to check it out a bit, but here's the deal.

Buy $30 worth of specific products during the course of the advertising week (Sun-Sat), and get a coupon for a free $10 gas card.

This week's products include:

22.6-33.9 oz Foldger's Cofee - $8.99 with card, limit 3
Coke 2 liters- $.99 with card, limit 5
Lysol Spray or Wipes- 2/$10 with card, limit 4
Palmolive dish soap- $.88 with card, limit 5
Finish Dishwasher stuff- $2.99 with card, limit 3
9.9-15oz M & M's- 2/$5 with card, limit 4
19.2 oz M & M's- $4 with card, limit 4
Sour Patch Kids or Swedish Fish- 2/$5 with card, limit 4
Twizzlers- 2/$4 with card, limit 4
Gatorade or Sobe- Buy 1 get 1 Free, limit 6
Doritos, Tostitos, and Salso- 2/$5 with card, limit 6
Edy's Ice cream, buy 1 get 1 free with card, limit 4
Hershey's single candy bars, buy 2 get 1 free with card, limit 3 (meaning 1 transaction)

It would likely be pretty easy to bring the $30 cost down further with coupons, as well.

Hopefully I will know more tomorrow- free gas money would be helpful on our vacation! Though, to be honest, we've blown past the amount we -had- to save to still do everything we wanted. Now, we're on to having a slush fund and more fun money ;)

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