Thursday, May 19, 2011

It always amazes me...

What a little insomnia can produce.

Redid my personal blog tonight. Heck, posted to it for the first time in just over a year. Go me? It only has 4 fans, so I'm no slave to it.

Not that I feel I'm a slave to this one anymore, either. But, I'm trying to get back into the 'swing' of things. So, here I am- swinging away.

2 blogs updated in 2 days. Sweet. I have to say, it took far longer for me to settle on a theme for that blog than I did for this one. I must have gone through 10 digi-scrap kits before I found one that I liked enough to use. And that's saying a lot, because I only buy kits I -love-.

Daughter's alarm is going off- for the 3rd time. It's almost 5:30am, and yep, no sleep yet. Son is awake. Debating on whether or not he's going to school. He missed Monday and Tuesday due to a nasty, barking cough. Took him to see the doctor (at an office I really dislike already), and he saw someone else, someone I really did not like much.

Despite harsh, deep, barking cough, she said he was fine. Nothing wrong but a little cold. Uh... ok.

Sent him to school yesterday. At noon, he called and said he was being sent home cause his teacher was certain he had pink eye, because it was going around the school. Never mind the fact that he was gone for 4 days, and just saw a doctor yesterday. Never mind the fact that the only thing we could see, was blood shot eyes. Never mind that they weren't itchy, or oozing stuff, or that if he had gotten it last week, it'd have shown up well before now. Never mind that if he had gotten it yesterday, it wouldn't be visible yet.

So, home he came. If we send him back today, will they send him right back home? I didn't bother wasting more time or money on taking him in- there's nothing wrong with his eye, and his cough has started to subside.

I'm crabby- it's 5:30, and I haven't slept. I tried. My throat hurts, and my skin and nerves have had this horrid, semi painful 'crawling' sensation since last night. It hurts to brush against anything, or to feel the air against my skin. I don't even wanna guess what that's all about. I just know that I have a lot of stuff to accomplish today, I have a girl scout lock in tomorrow, and a photo shoot 2 hours away on Saturday.

I can not afford to be sick.


Julie said...

Hope you and the kiddos feel better.... LOVE the new design on this blog... Now how on earth do you design your own. I would love to do this for myself, I just don't feel that anyone else could nail the look I would be going for. But then again, I don't really have the time or effort to do it... grr. :o) Hope you feel better!

Expressions by Heather said...

I use digital scrapbook kits, and then use the templates that blogger provides :)