Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cheap Disney Blu-Rays!

I'm excited by this deal, and even though I don't think we need them, I must say- I want them!

At Target this week, apparently, some of the Blu-Ray copies of UP are on sale for just $19.99. This is not the 2 disc set, which is listed in the ad for $22.99. Monster's INC is also on sale in Blu-Ray form for $19.99, again, not the 2 disc version.

In addition, Disney has a coupon for $10 off UP on Blu-Ray, and $8 off Monster's INC on Blu-Ray. Now, the Monster's INC one is for upgrading from DVD to Blu-Ray, so you do need to input the UPC code from the back of your current copy of Monster's Inc on DVD to get the $8 off coupon.

Then, to sweeten the pot, Target has a coupon for $10 off if you buy BOTH of the movies together. This means that in the end, you'll get both movies on Blu-Ray for only $11.98- under $6 each!

Good Luck!

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