Monday, November 9, 2009

A Children's Apron: ReDo

Last week, I posted my adventures with the first apron I had tried my hand at. While the apron came out cute, it was way too long for most kids. It came to my knees, or slightly past them. I finally got around to fixing it last night, and love how it turned out.

For reference, here is a BEFORE shot, taken after completing it the first time.

The problem I had, was that the design on the towel was mainly on the lower portion, leaving me with no choice but to cut it off. I did so, and then swiftly helped all of it's edges, and turned it into a pocket on the front of the apron. I love how it turned out!

At the last moment, I added a bow, after I had taken the "finished" shots, so here's a closeup of the cute little bow!

I have 3 aprons done now, and I think I'm going to make 1 more, in a boyish "workshop" style, if I can find the right gear.

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