Monday, November 9, 2009

Re-Fashion: Sweater

My darling little almost 8 year old has gotten some very stubborn opinions of late on what her wardrobe should include, and what it most certainly should not include. I recently picked up a cute aqua cardigan at Goodwill for just $.29. Of course, she hates it.

While I was sorting through my sewing desk the other day, I came across some Dollar Tree fake fur boa's I had bought for a project last year. I wound up with several left over, though, and nothing in mind. Today, I pulled them out. They are a lovely purple (though they look blue in the photos I took), and the sweater has a pink and purple argyle pattern around the waist. A match was born!

If there is anything Gilly WILL still wear, it's pink, purple, furry, sparkle laden, and gem encrusted clothing. Very princessy. She's my girl's girl. My oldest outgrew that girly girl stage when she was 4.

It took me a bit of time to figure out just where to start, but once I did, the collar was very easy to add fur to. Originally, I was going to do the cuffs, but I think I like it on just the collar.

I sewed it inside out to the outside of the sweater, then rolled it over the neck line, and sewed it down again. I would recommend a straight stitch. I started with a zig zag without thinking and it showed up- big time. When I was done, I had to go back and add material to cover the zig zag.

What do you think? I was going to save it for her birthday in December, but I love it to much to wait!

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