Monday, November 16, 2009

Christmas Trees

This year, I'm going a bit crazy. I have 4 Christmas trees to put up. Yes, you read that correctly, 4! Ok, let's be more realistic. 2 are only 3 feet tall, and pre-lit with fiber optics. They don't exactly "count" as far as work involved.

But the other two are both full size trees. I have had the first one for 3 years now, this year. It's a 6 foot tall white tree, pre-lit with clear bulbs. You should know that when it comes to Christmas, the more color, the better. I adore brightly colored lights, bulbs, ribbons, bows, and ornaments on my tree.

My mother was of the mindset that a tree should look uniform, classy, and traditional. Little red bows, clear lights. I can appreciate the simplicity of it, I really can. Just not in my house!

While the white tree with white lights might seem to clash with my need for color, really it doesn't. The first year, we added strands of red lights, and decorated it in only red, white, or silver ornaments. It was our Candy Cane tree. If you turned the clear lights off, it glowed like cinnamon hard candy. I loved it!

Last year, we added multicolored lights. I hated the tree lit just by the colored lights. It went all dim and dark, and the colors just didn't pop like they did if the clear lights were on it. The hues took on a more vibrant shade, with the green looking turquoise, and the reds looking like pink. LOVED it! We put all the ornaments on last year, or rather, about half, I suppose.

After Christmas last year, I had a gift card, and I knew what I wanted. I knew I wanted a traditional tree again. A green tree. A tall, full, green tree. I wanted it cheap, but not cheap looking.

I found a gorgeous 7 1/2 foot tall, full tree, half off the day after Christmas last year. It was the last pre-lit tree with multi colored lights, too! So this year, two big trees. I have a large dining room, which is almost too big to be a dining room if you ask me. We have a table that, when fully extended, seats 8, and there is a lot of empty space around it.

The white tree will go in the dining room this year, in the corner, since there are windows leading right up to the corner on both sides.

The green tree will go in the living room, the center piece of the holiday decorations. I've already told the kids they get to decorate that tree. The white tree is all mine. Here are photos of my white tree from the past two years... enjoy!

Our 2007 Christmas Tree

This is what our tree looked like with just the red lights on, when I used the flash on the camera. Kind of gave it a warm pink glow all over.

This was what the tree looked like with the clear lights off, and no flash on the camera- all warm & cinnamony!

Well, obviously this isn't of my tree, but wasn't Gillian just so darn cute?

My 2008 Christmas Tree

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Sandra said...

Love the look of a white tree...I think about getting one every year but then drag out the green one...will have to look for one after Christmas on clearance.