Sunday, November 1, 2009

Dollar Store Craft Day!

Inspired greatly by all the wonderful frugal craft sites I've found over the past 18 hours or so, I decided to take a quick trip to Dollar Tree for some supplies today. I had certain craft projects in mind when going in, and picked up a few other ideas after looking around.

In total, I spent $13 on supplies at Dollar Tree, and $1.97 on ribbon at Walmart. Here's what I got:

4 Decorative Towels
1 2-pack of Pot Holders
2 1-pack of Pot Holders
1 2-pack of Dish Cloths
1 pair of knee high socks
4 knit scarves

And here are my ideas.

Fancy Ruffled Scarf

What You'll Need:
2 lengths of fleece, or 2 premade scarves
Sewing machine, or needle to sew by hand.

  1. Cut the lengths of fabric or scarf into squares. The blog I found them at suggests 58-64 4" squares, but said that it came out very long. She used cut up old leggings, but found the pattern herself in a book suggesting using t-shirts. I wanted a practical scarf, so I bought 4 knit scarves premade.
  2. Once the squares are cut, turn them sideways, and layer them on top of one another in a diamond, or argyle type pattern.
  3. Sew straight down the middle. When it's done, the scarf should form natural ruffles along the sides. My hope is that with 4 scarves, I can make 2 decently sized fancy scarves. One to keep, and one to gift away.

Fingerless Gloves/Arm Warmers

What You'll Need:
1 pair of long socks
Sewing Machine or Needle
  1. Cut the sock right above the heel, and set the foot portion aside. I have no immediate crafts for them, but I'm sure something can be found!
  2. Roll the cut edge inward, and sew a hem along it, to keep it from fraying.
  3. Measure them on your arm, and cut a slit where the thumb will go.
  4. While they are on, use safety pins to pin the fabric between each finger- you may need help doing this.
  5. Remove the gloves, and use the sewing machine to tack the fabric together in between the fingers, where the safety pins are.
  6. Embellish the gloves however you wish! On the blog I found them on, she used a little velvet ribbon and a single pearl bead. I'm not sure yet what I'll do. I may make rosettes out of the left over sock material.

I bought the items needed to make 2 more of my Dish Towel Angels. This time, I'm making more of a harvest colored theme, as at least 1 person I am going to give one to has a darker colored kitchen.

And lastly, I bought the material to make 2 of the Inexpensive Children's Aprons. This is the reason I bought a spool of white ribbon for $1.97. In total, it will cost me about $3 to make each apron, though that's dividing the cost of the ribbon between 2, and I know I'll have plenty of ribbon left over afterwards. I'm planning to give one apron to my niece, who is 2, and I think the other apron I'll gift away here, on my blog.

Not a bad little haul for $14.97 total! I'll be able to make 2 aprons, 2 angels, 2 scarves, and a pair of fingerless gloves!

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