Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fingerless Gloves for $1

For a while now, my 13 year old daughter has been saying she wants a pair of fingerless gloves. She's a bit eclectic in her tastes. She's more at home in old vintage T's (or, vintage inspired), and a pair of jeans, than anything else. She loves wrist bands, and bracelets, and what not.

Today, as I was surfing new blogs, I found one that showed how to turn a pair of socks into a pair of finger less gloves. I was definitely excited by the prospect, because I could find something really cool at Dollar Tree for the project.

Fingerless Arm warmer Gloves

What You'll Need:
1 pair of socks- at least crew length or longer. Ankle or no show won't work.
Sewing Machine

The socks I chose were a perfect fit for Raegan with a tan, blue, black, and green argyle pattern.

  1. First off, you want to cut the feet off the socks, right above the heel, so you are left with the leg portion. Set the feet aside for future project scraps.
  2. Turn the sock inside out, and roll the cut end down to form a hem.
  3. Using the sewing machine and the zigzag stitch, sew the hem around the sock to keep it from fraying. You can trim the extra length from the hem, as it tends to roll outward otherwise.
  4. Pull the sock on your arm, with the elastic side going up your arm. Measure where you want the thumb hole, and with help, safety pin the two sides together where you want the fingers to be separated.
  5. Carefully pull the socks off, and clip a small hole for your thumb.
  6. Using the sewing machine again, stitch a straight or zig zag stitch around the thumb hole to keep it from stretching too wide. Tack the sock together where each safety pin is, to create finger holes.

Raegan loves her new gloves, though I think next time around, I'll cut the thumb hole further down, so I can have the gloves go further down her fingers. They are cute, though, and just her style. She already said she can't wait to show them off at school tomorrow!

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FrugalMom said...

Fantastic idea! I actually just bought a pair of cheap gloves for $1 at Target the other day. They are for my husband, and we came up with the idea of just cutting the tip of the fingers off for him.

We do not have many cold days in South Florida (87F today), but when we do it is rough for him, as he often works outside. He needs to be able to use his hands though, and workgloves gives issues with that.