Monday, November 9, 2009

Family Gift Idea: Game Night

My friend Sarah over at Sarah's Deals posted a pretty slick deal yesterday. This is primarily good for the younger kids, but it's a great gift idea, especially those that buy for a lot of kids!

Toys R Us is having a Hasbro game sale right now, with several preschool games marked only $3.99. When you buy $25 worth of Hasbro games, you get a $10 gift card back. In addition, you can get a $2/game rebate (limit 1 per game title- so you can't buy 3 of the same game title, and get $6, you'd only get $2) back in refund from Hasbro.

The gift card activates 6 hours after making the deal (presumably so you have to come back to the store a second time). That frees you up $10 to buy another gift at TRU.

The math would require the purchase of 7 games at $3.99 to hit the $25 mark. Once you did, you would get $10 off your next purchase, and then a rebate of $14 back, making your total purchase only around $4 for 7 games. That's pretty much buy 1 get 6 free!

There are also some $7.99 & $9.99 games listed, which means buying less to hit the $25 mark, but saving less, as well, since the rebate would go down. To buy the fewest, at the cheapest price, you would want to buy 2 of the $7.99 games, and 1 of the $9.99 games to equal $25.97. You would get a $10 gift card back, and a $6 rebate, making it just shy of $10 for 3 games.

The more expensive games are geared at older kids- Clue, Boggle, Scrabble, Mouse Trap, Yahtzee, etc.

Thanks for the great deal, Sarah, and good luck shoppers!

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