Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Free Music

I am music junkie. I love songs, I love singing (not that I'm any good at it!), I love dancing (now that, I can do decently!). However, being frugal and on a budget does not leave much room for the purchases I would otherwise want to make.

A year or two ago, I stumbled on Playlist.com through MySpace (does anyone really use MySpace anymore?), and fell in love. You do a search, find the song you want, and add it to your playlist. You don't download anything, you don't steal anything- you just listen to the music you want!

I have probably 6-7 lists to play, depending on my mood. When the kids are gone to school, I crank my computer up, and blast music. Love it! I just dusted off last year's Christmas list to listen to, starting off with my favorite version, of my favorite Christmas song- Kelly Clarkson's Acapella version of O Holy Night. If you've never heard that version, find it to listen to- it's just beautiful.

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