Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hurting My Heart

This morning, I logged in and did what I always do in the morning. I checked my email, my blog, my Gather page, and the local news. The world is getting ready for Christmas, but sometimes, that whole "Goodwill towards mankind" is missing.

Last week, a woman sold her 5 year old daughter to cover a debt. The child was delivered to a hotel, then found dead. The mother was arrested on several counts, including child abuse involving prostitution. This beautiful 5 year old angel was ripped from this world, because her 25 year old mother was a selfish, horrible woman.

Earlier this week, closer to home here in Michigan, a 37 year old man got into an argument with his 15 year old son. It ended with the 15 year old being marched naked out to a field, and shot in the head while the mother and son both pleaded with the father not to shoot him.

I have never been a person to sit and watch the news. I can't stomach most of what I hear on the news. Death, pain, suffering... it's too painful.

These two angels will be close in my thoughts as I prepare for Thanksgiving next week, and I ask for everyone else to keep them close at heart as well.

16 years ago, my life changed over the course of 2 days. 16 years ago today, a friend in high school died after anesthesia complications after a surgery to repair a defect she had in her inner ear. She came out of the surgery fine, but when she was walking from her hospital bed to the bathroom, she collapsed, and died.

The very next day, my oldest niece was born. Two events, across the state from each other, coming together to change my life. Gretchen and I weren't close, but we were friends. She was nice, she was beautiful. She ran track, and did the long jump. She had the whole world waiting for her. Her parents would have probably given anything to have her back.

Keeping these events in mind makes the first two events seem even more senseless. Cherish your family, because somewhere else out there tonight, someone isn't cherishing what they have, and it might be gone before they know it.

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The Sheppard Bunch said...

It is so sad how people can take the blessings of children for granted! There are so many couples out there just dieing to have kids and then these people who are blessed to have them go and waste their gift.