Friday, November 6, 2009

Frugal Homemade Christmas Ornaments

I have yet to start making ornaments this year, but have been looking for ideas all over the place. I've found some really cool, inexpensive ideas that I can't wait to try out! Here are the links, and a description of each ornament.

Yarn Stocking Hat Ornament- This is an ornament even kids can make- in fact, my older daughter did make one in the 2nd grade! You need 2 things- yarn & either a toilet paper roll or paper towel roll. Oh, and scissors. ;)

Felt Star Ornament- This one might take a bit more patience, but I think older kids could still easily make this one, and it looks really neat. You need felt strips, glue, and scissors.

Reused Christmas Bulb Reindeer- Super cute, and super easy for even the little ones. You'll need pipe cleaners, glue, and googly eyes.

Glitter Ornaments- Easy Peasy. While more intricate patterns will require more patience and a steady hand, this is something even the little ones can make. You'll need glass ornament bulbs (clear works great, but this can be done on colored ones, too!), glue, a paint brush, and glitter.

Reindeer Puzzle Ornaments- These might work on school age kids and up, or might be a great group project. You'll need puzzle pieces (shop 2nd hand, and save money!), brown paint, paint brushes, small round red or brown pom poms, googly eyes, glue and ribbon. You can use other paint colors to add designs, as the original poster did. These would also make adorable pins by gluing a pin finding to the back, instead of a ribbon to hang it by. Small and lightweight, these would work great as a present topper.

These are all simple crafts that even people who aren't crafty can make. No sewing involved! Just some time and a little patience.

I would love to see any homemade ornaments you may have done, so feel free to share your links with us!

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