Thursday, November 5, 2009

Homemade "Peeps"

Today as I was cruising through the blogosphere, I cam across a blog I hadn't seen yet: Frugal Family Fun Blog, by Valerie. It has some pretty cool frugal fun ideas posted, and I'm only on page 2!

The idea that caught my eye, however, were Super Easy Marshmallow Pumpkins. She's right- they are super easy, and look like they'd be fun at any party for the people who love peeps.

It got me thinking, though... how could those translate into Christmas treats? They could easily be made for Thanksgiving, as is- cute little pumpkins as a cute, easy to make Thanksgiving treat. I started considering peeps themselves. Already I've seen the Snowmen and the Christmas Tree peeps on the shelves. But, the tree would require cutting and shaping, and the Snowman would require attaching two of them together.

Then it hit me- Christmas Ornaments! You could make all sorts of colors, and use gel icing to draw designs on the front of them, and use silver or gold metallic gel icing to put the blob on top!

I am so excited to try these now. I do believe we may have to make a small handful for Thanksgiving, and some more for the various Christmas parties we attend. I know they'll be a hit!

Thanks for the great idea, Valerie!

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Valerie said...

I'm so glad you'll be doing this! I LOVE the idea of christmas ornaments.. how fun!!