Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow...

Yesterday, Nick came home, and we decided to run into Lansing for a last minute (to us) Christmas shopping trip. Nick had a video game he had been wanting to pick up at Gamestop, and they finally had a great deal on trading games in. Nick took in 5 games to trade in- 4 were for PS3, which came with a deal. If the trade in value was $2 or higher, you got an extra $5 with it. One of the PS3 games was only worth $1, though. In the end, he got his new $60 game, plus a $20 gift card for our son for Christmas (all 3 are getting one, but we already had 2), and we only paid $5 out of pocket. Score!

Anyway, about the time we left, it was barely snowing. It had snowed on and off through out the day, but the ground was wet, so it just kept melting. Flash forward. We were leaving Michael's (what, you thought I could go into Lansing without a craft store stop?), and the snow was coming down really hard.

The highway was slick, so I stuck to 45-50 mph the whole drive home (yes, I drive- I'm a driver, I love to drive, and Nick has a rotten sense of direction, so it just works for us), with snow coming down horrible. We stopped in at the grocery store real quick, because we were out of milk. In the short time we were in the store, our tire tracks in the parking lot were gone.

-sigh- We were under a severe weather warning from midnight until 9am with high winds, snow, and rain. I did go out last night after we got home around 9, and it was really coming down! Check out these photos!

Do you see the foot steps in that picture? This was taken about 10 minutes after we made those foot prints!



...yes, I still have pumpkins out. Don't judge, you've all done it. I'll be doing good if these lil guys don't sprout leaves in the spring.


I think perhaps I should have re thought the "Let it Snow" ornament on my wreath...

This was taken at night- it shines and sparkles so nicely, the photos don't do it justice!


So... yeah. Next year, I'm going for the "Let it Sunshine" ornament for the wreath.

The point of this story? We had no power for at least part of early morning. It was off when Nick got up at 5:30, and was chilly, so it had been off for a bit at least. We scrambled around to figure out if there was school, which we could not get from our cells. Raegan woke up to her DS alarm clock before we could find out. Of course, she then woke both Gillian and Chris.

Power came back around 6am, and from there, we were able to ascertain that our very school happy super had decided to cancel school. This is only the 3rd time in the 2 school years we have lived here. She hates to cancel school, and lived in Alaska, so bad weather is part & parcel to living in the North, and no excuse to close school.

We have a strong feeling at least one of the school buildings was without power today, otherwise there would have been school. Almost no other area schools were closed, where as usually, it's all the other area schools closed, with us being the lonely town that sends em to school still.


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to let you know that you are not the only one with pumpkins still. We have three on our dining room table still!

Heather@ My Frugal Family said...

That's good to know! ;) I kept meaning to take them over to the neighbor's compost pile, but never did.

Tina said...

Wow, the snowflakes are HUGE!! And I just love the snowfall on your blog page, it is more than likely the only snow I will see this year!