Friday, January 22, 2010

Ugh- Site meter... Help?

Has anyone ever had any problems with I wake up this morning, and go to check my nightly stats, and I was signed out of the site- for the first time since October.

Now, it's telling my my code name doesn't exist, and it has no information for my email address. Even just checking the stats without being logged in doesn't work. It's like my account is just GONE.


Any help?


Val in the Rose Garden said...

I can't give you any help, but I can give you sympathy! That would STINK for me. Hope it is all worked out quickly!


Wretha said...

I used to use Sitemeter, I found a much better tracker, it even gives you the option of having an invisible tracker if you want (it's all free!!!) you can also track multiple sites, it keeps the stats separate but all on one account, again it's all free, I love it

Just found your site, love it, will follow your site.


Heather@ said...

It's "fixed", in that it "works", but before I had gotten it back working, I made a new one and posted it. I notice now, neither one tracks the same numbers. Makes me wonder if it was ever tracking accuratly.

I'll look up statcounter, Wretha, thank you!

Wretha said...

I understand about getting two different numbers on different stat counters, I have had that same issue, I have a public one and I have a private one (two different stat counters) and they do give different numbers, not terribly different, but still different. Don't understand myself, but it's no biggie to me, I really like Statcounter the best.