Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blogging at 1:05am

I'm blogging from my Mom's place at 1:05am. :) My step-dad, my mom, and I went out tonight after a day of Craft Hacking. We made something totally cool that I'll blog in full about on Monday.

Today, however (probably during daylight hours, and not right now at 1:06am- time goes fast while blogging), you'll find me guest posting over at one of my favorite sites, :)

That super cool Craft Hack, though? Let's just leave you with this- I turned a nearly $1500 piece of Wall Art into a $36 piece of equally cool wall art. Gotta love craft hacking!


My name means Wisdom said...

Never heard it called craft hacking before, lol.

Lisa said...

You've piqued my curiosity now! I love hacks. I have one of my own coming up shortly. I'll be back to check it out!!