Monday, March 1, 2010

Circus! Circus! Circus!

Last week, I got an email from the Breslin Center, which is the basketball arena at Michigan State U. Back in October, I got tickets and took Raegan to see Cavo, Theory of a Deadman, and (my favorite!) Daughtry in concert. Since then, I get emails announcing concerts and events.

The email was announcing a circus coming to town. Not a big, well known one, like Shrine or Ringling, but still, a circus, and a fairly good sized one. The email included a coupon good for $5 off each ticket. After talking with Nick, and seeing if the kids would even like that (they ARE almost 14, 11, and 8), I went ahead and ordered them last night.

We're going on Sunday the 14th for the last show. I figured the Saturday shows were likely packed. There's a Friday night show, which Nick said might be a nice way to unwind, but I worried about Chris and Gilly having bad days at school. They both have adhd, and when they have a rough time at school, it's usually a rough night at home.

I opted for the Sunday afternoon show, and got pretty awesome seats. I can't be completely sure just -how- awesome they are, though. We got bleacher seats, which are the closest set of seats to the floor. There are only 10 rows going upward, so either way, we got good seats. We wound up in row 1. If I recall correctly, Rae and I had row 9 in the bleachers last time, which was second from the top. If that IS the case, we're the very first row!

How awesome is that for something like the circus? For starters, plenty of leg room, and great views to be had.

I took Rae to the circus once when she was maybe 2. Early enough that she doesn't remember it. Chris & Gilly have never been to one. Neither has Nick. In fact, he's really excited to go!

He's at work right now, and I told him I ordered the tickets. He typed to me, "I have to admit something."

How often does something -good- come from those words? I said, "Ok.... what?"

He types back:

I'm pretty excited to see this.  never been to a circus b4. LOL

Isn't that cute?

We're going to the circus! I've been to the circus several times, both as a child, and later in my teen years. Heck, one time, a group of friends and I got tickets to go, just to have something to do that weekend. I think I had more fun then than as a child.

I remember one time when I was little when we rode the elephant. I was sick, and didn't feel great, and if I remember, I even had a fever, but we still went, and I still loved it.

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