Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Great Deal Day!

I'm back from shopping. I'm kind of broke, so I shouldn't have gone shopping, but I am SO glad I did! Tomorrow is pay day, so today is broke day, but I had 2 $40 Walmart gift cards in my wallet (one was from my birthday, the other was from Gillian's birthday back in December, but we gave her cash to spend because she found something at Target she wanted instead of Walmart).

I was thinking clothing- capri's, specifically, and I did find a cute pair, but I wound up putting them back because I found a bike! I have a bike. An old, decrepit mountain bike. The gears don't work. One of the breaks doesn't work. It's kind of like taking my life in my hands to ride it. And, worst of all? While I did ride it quite a bit last year, the seat always hurt my rear end. Now, after my broken tail bone, that area is tender (still... almost 5 full months later...). I haven't tried it yet this year.

I've been wanting to get a cruiser bike. For starters- big old seat for a big old, grown up mommy butt.  But, even better- handles that don't force you into that "Oh, please look down my shirt!" position, which is bad for my neck and back. I found one at Walmart for $84, score!

I put everything else back (my capri's, and a dual set of bra's for Rae- 2 bra's for $7!), and got just the bike. I paid like $9 out of pocket after the gift cards.

Before I went there, I stopped at Goodwill, and found some great deals. For starters, a London Fog khaki trench coat- for $.99! I also grabbed a pair of denim overalls for $.99- they resell really well on ebay, I hear. :)

I picked up 4 pairs of cute, trendy, name brand jeans for $.99 each, and a pair of Gap shorts for $.99 as well. All in all, I spent $11 something at the As-Is Goodwill. I hopped over to the regular side, and found a nice red plastic plate with a rim on it. I wanted to find red, black, or silver for a cupcake plate for this weekend. It was $.59, so I grabbed it- then found a larger silver glitter plastic charger plate! It was $.79, so I grabbed both- now I can have a tiered cupcake plate that matches the theme!

Lastly, I found a shirt from Express themed towards Tauruses (which Rae and I both are). It's cute, looks brand new, and was in Rae's size, so I snagged it.

Well, I just got home and I went through the clothing. All of the jeans and the pair of shorts were in Rae's size. I figured she can keep what she likes and fits, and I can resell what doesn't work. I jokingly showed her the overalls, knowing she wouldn't want them, and it felt like there was paper in the pocket.

I checked.

Nope, no paper.

Well, unless you count a $10 bill and 2 $1 bills as paper. Which I do. Money! Score! I got $12 back on a $.99 item! I'm personally amazed. I can't believe people donate without checking pockets. I know I do.

So, Rae's done trying on- all but 1 pair worked, so I have 1 pair of jeans, 1 trench coat, and 1 pair of overalls to resell. Total spent on those- $2.98 ($.99ea).


Mande said...

I am a new blog follower. LOVE your blog.

You are my shopping hero!! Way to score all the amazing finds...The bike especially is so cute.

Grupo Mãos Dadas said...

happy new bike!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heather@ My Frugal Family said...

Thank you so much! :)

the thrifty ba said...

best broke day ever!

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Meet Virginia said...

NO WAY!! That is so totally great! I wish so badly there was a Goodwill in UT but sadly there isn't :(! I love what you got though and for the price!!


Meet Virginia!
Meet Virginia!
Meet Virginia!

FrugalMom said...

Oh, I love it! I really really do! Only you could pull this off Heather, seriously....ONLY YOU!

If I ever make it to Michigan, I am personally gonna come knock on your door, and invite myself along on a shopping trip to your Goodwill store.

I love the color of that bike too, what a great find.

Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

Sounds like a great shopping trip. I got that same bike at Walmart last summer and LOVE it! I use it to pull my kids in a trailer- so fun!