Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Twilight Craft Time

Today, my oldest 'baby' turns 14. OMG. Yes, I went there. For her birthday party this weekend, we are doing a Twilight theme. She has a few surprises in store that I won't mention here, because she does occasionally stop by and have a peek at the blog.

Over the past few months, I've made a few gifts for her (one of which she already received- a red, black, and white jewelry box). Last night, I set about starting a few items to decorate for the party with. It won't be much, but it'll be fun!

 For this box, I used the Live, Laugh, Love decals from DT to decorate the sides. I stained the surface red, instead of painting it, and distressed the edges with sand paper. A black rounded floral stamp was used on the lid, and partially on the sides. I used Silver glitter Mod Podge on the lid, and Matte on the sides (those letters were not sticky enough on their own!).

Anyway, here are a few of the things I made. With the exception of the small metal buckets, everything pictured was made with items I had on hand (yes, nosy, I did have red, glittery feather boa's on hand- I bought 4 bright colored ones a month ago with no immediate purpose).

I decorated two tall candles, 1 large candle holder (which is clean and will be used for candy), a large vase, an apothecary jar (along with 2 undecorated ones), and 4 tin buckets.

These little buckets were 2/$1 at Target, and are larger than the tin buckets at Dollar Tree that come 3/$1. I used double sided tape (Dollar Tree) and glitter (again, DT) to add the glitter rim to the white bucket. I used ribbon and tulle scraps for around the handles. I cut up a dollar store (not DT- my DT isn't that cool!) feathered boa, and glued it around the bottoms of the black buckets.

 This is 2 items- 1 large, rounded vase, and a bell shaped jar that I had on hand to sit inside of it. I added red shimmery stuff left over from Valentine's Day, and glued ribbon scraps around the outer vase.

These are two tall, skinny glass candles from Dollar Tree. They only get them in once in a while, and sell out fast! I used double sided tape again to make glittery stripes along them (also from DT). The gems were on hand from last summer at DT (I wish they'd get those in again! I'm running low!), and the scrapbook paper and ribbon were all scraps. Everything should be able to be easily removed when the party is done!

This jar was badly stained or etched by hard water, so to cover it, I used scraps of scrapbook paper, ribbon, and more gems. Today, I also added a hang tag to the top with the name of the candy that will go inside (gummy Raspberries in black & red!).

All of the decorations I've added to the jars were done with either tape or hot glue, so it can all be pealed off afterwards, and the items can be reused. I doubt I'll be hosting ANOTHER Twilight party, so they won't get much extra use, ya know?

For the party, I opted for a color theme for the Candy Buffet. And boy, do I regret that! It is next to impossible to find non-licorice, black colored or wrapped candy this time of year. I'm sure at Halloween, it would have been easier. My goal was that the candy itself (if unwrapped) or the wrapper (if it was staying wrapped) had to be black, red, white, or silver. I did relent a bit, and added in some touches of pink just yesterday (I found hard candy sticks in blackberry flavor- black with pink stripes!).

I have only picked up a few things, but here's what I have so far:
  • Hershey's Kisses in Red & Silver (thanks to the 6 bags I picked up after Christmas- some was used for Valentines Day, some for St. Patricks Day, and the rest, for the party!)
  • Red Licorice Bites
  • Black Licorice Bites
  • Red & Black Raspberry Gummies
  • Blackberry, Cherry, Cinnamon, and Horehound Candy Sticks (thanks to a birthday lunch at Cracker Barrel with Nick yesterday!)
  • Strawberry Poprocks (black, red, & white wrappers!)
  • Milky Way Dark (black & silver!)
  • Special Dark Pieces (like reeses pieces- they are red, purple, and blackish in color)
  • Root Beer Barrels (they were so dark, they're almost black)
I don't have much of each item, just a small bag or so. I'm also going to add oreo cookies to the buffet, and red delicious apples. Hey, I gotta cram something other than candy down em, right? I suppose I could also add marshmallows, but I think maybe I'd rather skip MORE candy items. We'll see. I'm planning to let the kids each take home candy, so it's not ALL sitting here afterwards.

For cupcakes, Raegan settled on these:

I will be making them a bit differently, and much more easily. I do want to pick up either plain white or silver wrappers, though. I will be filling them with strawberry or cherry pie filling, and baking the filling in, where as the recipe calls for you to hallow out the baked cupcake, add the filling, then close it back up. Too much hassle, when I already know it can be baked in.

I think that's about all! The rest of the stuff is surprise items, so I can't blog about that. I'm excited- this is my first semi-grownup party I get to throw! The only thing I haven't found, and have given up hope of finding, are fangs. I thought Walmart had them in the party section year round, but apparently not! I have looked a few places, and no fangs! :(


Rory said...

Hi There,
I would like to provide a link to your great party in my Link Party Directory at Tools Are For Women Too! I am glad to do this for followers of my blog if they will link up to my party as well called, Modern Craftswoman Monday . Please let me know if you are interested. I can be emailed at if needed. Have a great day! Rory

Heather - said...

Fun! I like all the ways you dressed up the glass containers! Yeah, I bet finding candy in the right colors was a huge challenge. I really like the candy buffet idea, and I think it's PERFECT for a teen party! Can't wait to see what else you came up with. I'll mod my Twilight party post to link to this, okay! Have a great day, Heather!

Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

WOW, what a lucky girl. Everything looks great! Whenever I make filled cupcakes I just bake them as usual and then put the filling in a pastry bag (or ziplock) with a large star tip. I shove the tip into the cupcake and squeeze.
It's much easier than cutting anything out and they taste GREAT!

Ashlee said...

I made some vampire cupcakes for my nieces birthday last year. It was super easy to look great useing a nice star tip!