Thursday, October 22, 2009

Christmas Dishtowel Angel

This year, I'm concentrating on making items for gifts, instead of buying them. Here is my first attempt- A Dishtowel Angel.
You'll Need:
Ribbon (I've made 2 so far- one using wide, pretty, wired ribbon, and one using curling ribbon. The curling works better, the pretty ribbon looks better)
1 pot holder
1 dish towel
1 dish cloth or wash cloth

I shopped for supplies at Dollar Tree, and had decent luck. Almost all of their pot holders come in a 2 pack, as do their dish cloths. So far, though, I have not found any dish towels that came with more than 1, so that's the expensive addition at $1 each, instead of $.50. The total cost for this angel is $2 to make, if I don't count the cost of the ribbon, which is pennies since I can use it for quite a few angels.

Step 1: Fold the dish towel accordion style, length wise. I try to make sure the end edges are
folded towards the back, not the front. If you use a patterned dish towel, that is the "front" side. (See above)

Step 2: Fold the dish towel in half, and tie a ribbon around it near the tie, to create a
rounded "head" for the angel. (See above & below)

Step 3: Next, fold the dish cloth accordion style as well, also length wise,
if it's more rectangular than square. Set this aside without tying it. (See above)

Step 4: Pinch the pot holder semi-accordion style in the middle. Try it from
different angles to see how you like it best. (See above)

Step 5: While still pinching the pot holder, place the folded dish cloth on top of the front of the
wings, then tie them together. It should resemble a bow. (See above & below)

Step 6: Set the angel's body on top of the wings, and using a criss cross pattern,
tie the wings to the body. (See above)

Step 7: Last, gather the dish cloth "arms" together in front of the body, and tie them both
together near the ends of the cloth, so that they resemble two arms with the
hands clasped together in front of the angel. (See above)

I have not tried it yet, and likely won't, but you can use a chenille stem (pipe cleaner) to form a halo to go over top of the angel's head. Simply create a longer 'stick' on the end of the halo, and secure it between the wings & arms, and the body, so it rests over her head.
I think I may pick up some small flowers of some sort to add to the 'hand' part. When putting these together, keep in mind that they are a functional gift as well, so don't glue or cut the items to add things, unless you do not care if they are functional items still.
Here are some poems I have found on various websites that you can print out and attach to your little angel.
I am your Kitchen Angel
I'll watch over all you do,
Baking all those goodies,
And snitching one or two!

And if you ever tire of me,
Or some help is what your wish is,
Just untie my little ribbons,
And I'll help you with the dishes!

An angel in the Kitchen
Watching the stew
Blesses your cooking
And all that you do.

These angels are just adorable, and only take about 5-10 minutes to make. For $2, you are able to give a functional gift set, that looks unique, and not like just another store bought gift. Sure, it really is, but the presentation is so much nicer!


Sarah @ The Pieces of MI Life said...

I just featured this idea and your blog over at I wish I was as crafty as you! I'm hoping my readers enjoy these ideas as much as I do, as coupons seem to be my thing, not craft ideas! ;)
Sarah J.

Expressions by Heather said...

I was raised crafty, and while I don't indulge nearly as often as I would like, I love finding new ideas- especially frugal crafts!

Jen @ said...

What a great idea and a great gift! I love the poem too. So cute!

Thanks for linking up!


CC said...

I love this idea..and now have to stock up on supplies. I have some new dishtowels and potholders, but they wouldn't make cute angels.. yours are just adorable. I've so enjoyed browsing through your blog..and all the dollar store crafts. I just have to get back to crafting,I've been absent from it too long.

Margaret said...

I love this idea as I have been searching for something for 8 friends for Christmas . We decided this year it had to be for the kitchen ,not expensive a bit quirky and something none of us had and this just fits the bill so thank you so much .... I'm going to add a wooden spoon and put a face on her :-)))

Anonymous said...

I love this idea. It seems so easy to make. I am not crafty at all but I think even I can do it.. However my mother is very crafty she is 81 yrs old and recently fell and broke her hip. I has seen one of these in a restaurant and when I showed my mother she had me buy two for the girls that helped her recover at the facility so that she could come home. I am going to put my mother to working making these to keep her busy while I am at work..Thank you so very much for sharing.