Sunday, November 22, 2009

About Me

This is probably a bit over due in coming, but better late than never, right?

My name is Heather, and I'm a 30-something stay at home mom to three monsters. Or minions. Or kids, what have you. The kids, as I type this, are fighting about who isn't doing their chores. I won't sugar coat it- my kids fight, and quite often, I feel like pulling my hair out.

Gillian, or Gilly Bean, is our youngest. She'll be 8 just after Christmas. She loves to read, and learned to ride a 2 wheel bike this past summer. Gilly loves it!

Christian, or Chris, is our only son, and will be 11 in mid-January. He's got severe ADHD, and is quite possibly bipolar. He can be a handful more often than not, but he's a sweet little boy who wants to be helpful to people. He plays video games, and reads books fast. When he was in the 1st grade, before he was diagnosed, he was way behind the class in reading. When we got him diagnosed, and onto meds, he went from barely being able to spell his name, to reading at a 4th grade level within 2 months. Yes, we do use medications, along with vitamins, and other supplements to make sure he can stay on task in school. No, I won't apologize for it. It's what works for him, and I won't take that away from him.

Raegan is our oldest. She's almost 14, and boy, does she have the teen attitude down pat at times. She is also a reader, though she is at an age where she doesn't read nearly as much for pleasure as she used to. Still, we encourage it as often as we can. Raegan loves to swim, and can't wait to join the swim team next year in high school. She is smart, too. This past fall, we found out that she scored in the top 10% in the state's required academic test. She was invited to take the SAT's this year, to judge her more accurately against a higher grade level of knowledge.

My kids are my life, and I love them, even if they do drive me a bit batty at times. With the kids in school all day, I have considered picking up a part time job, but jobs are hard to come by, and I'm scared that if I get a job, they won't look kindly on the days when I may have to leave early to pick up a sick kid.

Instead, I spend my days here, either reading, or crafting. Those are my past times. I love to read. I'll read trashy romance novels, or horror novels, or just about anything in between. My favorite authors are James Patterson, Jodi Picoult, Stephan King, and Tabitha King.

My husband and I met when he was in college, and I was visiting a friend who went to the same college. We wound up at the same card game. He flirted all night, and I ignored him. The next time I was up, I didn't ignore him. We got married 8 months later, and haven't looked back since.

You can find him in the blog-o-sphere over at Chalgyr's Game Room. It's a new blog, and it's about video games. He reviews them as a player, and as a parent of game players, so it might be a good site to look at if your child is asking for a new game for Christmas. Or, maybe your husbands would be interested.

So, that's me. Maybe not ALL of me, but you have a good idea of who I am now.

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