Friday, November 27, 2009

And it's over...

At least for me. We went, we shopped, we waited in line, and we arrived home, safe and sound. We wound up with 5 gifts more each for each of the kids, mostly boring stuff. I bought both girls a new winter jacket. Raegan's from last year was kind of small & tight then, and amazingly enough, she didn't shrink over the past year.

Last year, I did what I try to do nearly every year- buy Gillian a winter jacket on clearance for the following year. Well, the one I wound up with last year was cheap on clearance, but a $45 jacket off clearance. However, the $5 price I paid for it was more accurate in how well it held up. It has only been washed once or twice this year, and it's falling apart.

So, both girls got new jackets. Rae's was only $7, and Gilly's was $15. They'll get those right away, since they are needed.

I did splurge and buy one of those popcorn tins for the whole family. It wasn't on the list, but was on sale for only $3.99, and it features A Christmas Story! I love that movie, it's one of my all time favorites!

We were home by 6am. It's one of the perks to living in a small town that has 2 large department stores. There are not a TON of people out shopping, so we can get in and out rather quickly, thankfully.

Our Christmas shopping is DONE! Now, on to the wrapping....

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