Saturday, November 21, 2009

Announcing The Winner!

I have been asleep much of the day, thanks to various types of cold medicine, which didn't exactly work, but hey- at least I slept through some of my head cold, right?

I really did mean to get this done earlier in the day, but sleep prevailed! Even Gilmore Girl goodness could not rouse me.

To pick a winner, since the kids are all in bed, I went through and added up how many entries each person got. From there, I assigned them numbers in order. For instance, if you were the first entry with 4 entries, you were assigned numbers 1-4. If you were the 2nd one with 3 entries, you were assigned numbers 5-7, etc, etc.

I then used's random number generator to pick the winner. All said and done, there were 40 total entries spread out for 13 people entering the contest, so I plugged in numbers 1-40, and asked for a random number.

And the winner is......

Number 16! Wooo.... Oh... you want to know WHO that is? All right...

The winner is Lesley! I will be contacting her via email to let her know she won! Congratulations Lesley, and thank you everyone who entered!!

I am hoping to have 1 more contest before Christmas, but I'll attempt to plan that sometime after this raging head cold goes away.


Gwen said...

Yeah for Lesley!

Hey, what can I make for you so that you can make me one of those cool hats? I have lots of burlap:)

Heather said...

Ooooh, a swap? Let me think about what I'd want :)