Sunday, November 22, 2009

Frugal Fun Day

Yesterday, my insurance company hosted a free entry day to a local hands on science museum. I've been wanting to take Gilly, so we called up one of Nick's co-workers, and met her and her daughters at the museum. I was surprised at how few people were there.

While we were there, there were two parties. One was a birthday party with probably 20 kids. The other was some sort of after school group. When both groups were called to their party rooms, the museum basically emptied out, leaving just the 5 of us, and a few other people.

It was a fun little trip, and frugal as well, but it wasn't all that interesting. I love museums, especially hands on ones, and I was bored out of my mind. Gillian kept asking to leave, too, so I know she was also bored. I'm glad we didn't pay to go in. It was boring, but still fun to have gone, if that makes sense.

I had woken up yesterday with a horrid head cold, so that didn't help matters for me. I had a wretched sinus headache, and bright light hurt my eyes. The drive home was painful. While I was in Lansing, I stopped by Michael's Crafts to look for some new ideas. When we walked in, there were two booths set up, doing sort of a "How-To" booth. The first was "How-To" decorate cookies.

Here's this woman sitting, with probably 4 dozen undecorated cookies next to her, and probably 2 dozen decorated ones in front of her. Gilly, of course, was intrigued, and asked if she could have a cookie. No, the woman replied, she was not allowed to give them out.

I can understand why she isn't allowed to give them out- but then, why have so many? And why sit there, on a Saturday, in a store packed with mom's & kids, decorating cookies she can't give out? Why not decorate cardboard cutout's to show how to decorate cookies? Why use real cookies?

It just seemed odd to me that she would sit there all day decorating dozens of cookies, and not give them out.

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