Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving Napkin Rings

After Halloween, I bought two containers of candy corn. One is Caramel flavored, and the other is Caramel Apple flavored. I plan to use them in the cookies the kids and I bake later, but I also used them to make napkin rings for our table.

This is a time consuming task, and it can't be done too early, or the candy corn will go stale. This works with just about any soft candy. I got the idea from my step-mom, who did this with Jelly Beans at Easter one year.

Candy Corn Napkin Rings

You'll Need:
Candy Corn
Needle** This needle will be pretty gross when you are done, so you may want to use one you don't mind throwing away!

  1. Thread the needle with a long length of thread, and double it over to tie off.
  2. Using the top of your desk, table, or other hard surface, prop the end of the needle, so you can gently push down on it with the candy corn. If you push too hard, the candy will break. I found it easier to push through the candy when the needle was braced against the desk.
  3. Keep stringing them on until you have about 15-20 candies in place, then knot the end, and tie it to the start of the thread to form a ring. The candies will swivel on the string, allowing rolled up napkins to easily pass through.

Good luck! You might want to try alternating between flavors, or adding in Indian corn (my favorite!)

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