Tuesday, December 1, 2009

25 Ornaments - Day 2

And the countdown continues! Happy December to everyone!

(Sorry- I know this posted already, sans photos- this is a redo with photos!)

Last night, I was haunting the aisles of Dollar Tree looking for something specific that (this time) had nothing to do with crafts, when the most wonderful thing jumped out at me- shaped paperclips in silver & black!

They come in packs of 24 and feature 4 designs in 2 colors in each pack. Two of the designs have 4 each in the 2 colors, and two of the designs have 2 each in 2 of the colors. There are 2 round shapes, 1 square shape, and 1 triangle shape.


I immediatly knew these would be my next ornament! They would be perfect dangling down from a Christmas tree, and best of all, they would be EASY to make! I had hoped to find the S shaped curly que ornament hangers as well, but alas, my Dollar Tree was all out.

If your DT has them, snatch em up ;)

This ornament is so easy, I won't do a full step-by-step tutorial. Instead, I'll just tell you how to do it.

Simply clip the paper clips together as you want them. Yes, that's all. As I played around with these clips, I dug out my beads, and my bells, and added to them.

The beads will only go onto the round clips, where as the bells will slide around the corners on the triangle and square shapes. I liked both the beads and the bells, but I also liked these ornaments without adornment.


I did strands of plain silver, plain black, and a strand of mixed silver and black.

For $1, you get 24 of the clips, and can make 6 or 8 ornaments, depending on if you clip together 3 or 4 of the paper clips. I would have loved adding a bow, but none of my ribbon was narrow enough for these clips, I don't think.

So there you have it- a FRUGAL, simple craft for day 2. I bought 2 packs, so I'm planning to make up 12 of these cute little ornaments to adorn wrapped gifts this year.

These clips were found in the office supply area, near the markers, high lighters, and ink pens.


Mad in Crafts said...

Very cute! I really like the ones with the beads added. Might have to look for those!

Expressions by Heather said...

Thanks! I like the beads myself, they add a touch of color! I was very happy with my find at DT last night!

trish said...

Oh how cute!
:o) Tricia Anne

Anonymous said...

I have a bunch of these i bought for scrapbooking cause they were SOOOO cute, but i never use them!
Now i will!!
Thanks a bunch!