Thursday, December 3, 2009

Frugal Find

Yesterday, Nick called me while I was out and about, and wanted to meet for lunch. We don't often meet up for lunch, as he works 35 minutes away from where we live, so I agreed, but first I had to stop for gas.

It's not often you find a great deal at the gas station, but boy did I luck out! When I first went in, I saw a coupon sitting on top of some candy bars for $1 off any 1 tab bag or theater sized box of Wonka candy. I glanced around, found no candy, but grabbed the coupon. I figured I could use it somewhere else for a good deal.

Luckily, as I went to pay, I glanced to the side, and found tab bags (the larger sized bags of candy that hang from a rack- apparently Wonka calls them Tab Bags) for the new Puckerooms (mushroom shaped sour gummy candy) and Sluggles (slug & bug shaped gummy candy), and a hang tab with more coupons for $1 off 1.

But it gets better. While the bags are marked $1.58 each, there was a sign- Wonka Candy 2/$2. I picked up 2 bags for free, and went out to the car, where I thought about stopping by later, so I could get more. Well, then I started thinking- if I wait, the candy or coupons or both will be gone, right? Ok, that was enough to convince me. I went back in and picked up 4 more bags.

These are pretty big bags, so I won't give them to the kids outright, way too big! But, I think I could easily separate 1 bag into 3 smaller baggies for the kids stockings. I'll do that with both of the types, so I'll use 2 bags. The other 4 bags will be used for Family Game Night & Family Movie Night.

All in all, not a bad deal, though- 6 bags of candy for the bargain price of $0.00!

Wonka Sluggles Bag by princess_of_llyr.

Wonka Puckerooms Bag by princess_of_llyr.

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Kim said...

Great deal !!!!!! I wish I could find deals like that lol. Way to go !!!!!!!!