Monday, December 7, 2009

Today Is The Day Where...

I am going to be productive. I am heading to the post office now to send out 2 packages. One is the first contest win (yes, I was slow!). Which reminds me- I have emailed contest winner number 2 for the Fred Claus DVD, and have not yet gotten a response. The winner's name on the blog is: tgoforth1984. I will try to email you again, as well.

If you read the blog and see this, please email me ASAP with your shipping information! herberkids3(at)yahoo(dot)com

If I do not hear from you by Wed, I will pick a new winner of the Fred Claus DVD.

Moving on to productivity!

I am planning (ha...) to wrap more gifts today. I have things sorted, so it shouldn't take as long today to get started. I know what the kids are getting from us, and from Santa, and who all is getting what. Hopefully that means I can actually get a decent amount done.

Meanwhile, my back seat in my little car is halfway out of commission. I have stuff piled in there which needs to be taken care of. Most of it is trunk stuff, however, my trunk is filled with Christmas gifts for the kids. Mostly pillows and blankets, but either way, stuff I don't have room to hide in the house. I took the two oldest kids to school today, to save them the cold walk. I had to have Raegan (who is almost 14) sit in the front, because there was not room for all 3 kids in the back. -sigh-

Since it's cold now, though, I have a feeling I'll be driving them more often, so I need my backseat back. Today is the day where... oh, heck, I have enough on my plate for today. If I get what I want done, I'll save the car for tomorrow.

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