Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gold & Tacky to... Not Gold & Tacky

Last week, I found these gloriously tacky looking, gold plastic candle holders for the wall. They have a great design, but they're gold. Yes, really. Gold. Not like gold metal. More like fake, metallic-ish gold.

I immediatly wanted to spray paint and dry brush or glaze them. I'm not entirely certain if I'm happy with them, or if I want to redo them. Time will tell, and since they are for a room re-do that hasn't been redone yet, I have plenty of time to decide if I love them, or if they're getting another makeover.

They cost me all of $.29 each.

Painted Cherry Red- they were darker than these pictures turned out.

After dry brushing on black paint- it was too wet, and I added more than I had planned to.

 The pair

Held against the wall.
Like I said, I'm not sure if I'm in love with these or not. If I redo them, I'll likely go straight black, and add just a hit of a red glaze to them, instead of the dry brushing. I wanted the crevices to show black, but that didn't work out.

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De Javu Crafts said...

i think they look so cool Red/pink....i would love something like that for my girls room. Super cute!
p.s. i think they would be cute black, but i like everything better black!!

Heather@ said...

Check out thrift stores, I've seen other sets similar to this one there quite often. They were really popular in the 80's, if I remember right, so you might luck out!

Gwen said...

Perfect and funny post title.

I sort of like the color, but it doesn't say 'Heather' to me. Whatever you decide, I love the shape of them. Good eye and great bargain!

Heather@ said...

The shape is what I love, as well, and you're right, the color is just off for me. I want these to go on either side of my "H" picture, because they're similar in length, so they'll compliment it nicely.

Heather@ said...

Maybe gray and black, instead of burgundy or red.

Carol said...

Wow, I bought some just like that at a second hand store a few months ago! I'm going to paint mine black, but I do like yours!

Michelle said...

I did the same thing, bought some ugly gold sconces, thought they would look good white, painted them, hated them, donated them. Live and learn! lol

JHill said...

They are really cool and funky looking sprayed that red color, but they might be hard to fit into existing decor. Black or white are always good spray paint choices!

Billy said...

My Mom has the same set with a matching mirror (bought brand new). I made her take them down. Now I want them to paint pink (looks pink here) and hang them in my daughters room. Thanks for the great idea!