Sunday, January 10, 2010

To Drive or Not To Drive

I have been cooped up in the house since Thursday when we got back from the ER, and frankly, I was going out of my mind. The pain has cut back a bit, and I've found ways to sit that don't hurt as much. However, when I am sitting up, part of it is that I lean forward to keep the weight off my tailbone, and it strains my back.
Many of you already know from my posts in the past that I have back problems, so it was like trading 1 ache for another, but I'd rather have a sort back than pain when I sit.

Today, I was antsy. I decided that since I wasn't having much pain, and had gone the entire day without having to take a pain killer, that I would go to the store for a short shopping trip. I wanted to stop at Dollar Tree and pick up something small for crafts that I can do while laying in bed. Sitting at the craft table is out of the question, as the chair is a hard seated dining room chair. My computer chair doesn't fit at the desk.

Well, I first stopped at CVS, then when I got over to DT, I saw signs in the Fashion Bug windows announcing the store was going out of business, and everything was 50-60% off. I walked through there, but they didn't have any pants in my size, and I couldn't justify spending money on shirts I didn't need.

By the time I started to walk through DT, my body ached. My back, my rear, everything just ached. The more I walked, the more yucky I felt, so I cut the trip really short, and came home to lay in bed. I took my pain killers, and tossed in a movie.

Ugh. It's safe to say, though, that my body is REALLY not ready to drive, even for a short drive. I know we need groceries, so tomorrow, I'll see if Nick will go with me. If he drives, at least I can sit in a way that won't hurt as much.

Oh- CVS went to 90% off today for their Christmas stuff, and DT was 75% off. I picked up 9 medium gift bags, 3 packs of mini bows, 3 small gift bags, 3 bags of Hershey's Kisses, 2 really soft Reindeer stuffed animals, and a few other items at CVS. I only spent $7, and had 2 bags full of booty.

The Hershey's Kisses I am going to sort and put into 2 candy jars. 1 will have red & silver for Valentine's Day, and the other will have green & silver for St. Patrick's day. Oh! They also had a set of jelly clings in hearts, and a foam pink & red thing that says LOVE on it- both rang up for just $.09 on clearance, despite being Valentine's Day items. I grabbed those to use for Valentine's Day.

I am hoping to do something craft-like tomorrow from bed, after the kids go to school. I also need to talk to the bus driver tomorrow morning and see if Raegan can pick Gilly up at the bus stop this week, to limit how often I have to walk down there, or stand in the cold waiting. Driving her to school is NOT an option, to painful.


MrsJenB said...

I have felt your pain and can sympathize. It's good to try to test your limits but don't push yourself too hard!

Heather@ said...

I'm trying not to do too much right away. Luckily, unless one of the kids get sick, I don't have to drive all that often. I'll give it some more time before trying again!