Friday, February 19, 2010

Girls Day

Well, our federal taxes have hit the bank. Su-weeet! I paid up bills online this morning. I filed our state taxes last night. My FIL got a similar number to TaxACT, so we filed with TaxACT with his blessing.

Today, I'm driving over to Grand Rapids for a girls day out with one of my friends. We're not sure yet what we're going to do, but I told her a movie was out. Nick and I went to see The Book of Eli on Sunday, and my tailbone is not up for it. The chairs recline to much, which puts a ton of pressure on the tailbone. While my tailbone doesn't hurt constantly, it's still very tender, and by the end of the movie, I was in agony.

We'll probably do some shopping. There is an awesome outlet store in Grand Rapids. It's from the local super center store, Meijers, and I find great deals there just about every time I go. One time, I got a bunch of My First Leap Pad books for under $.25 each! Brand new!

Nick got one of the Guitar Hero games there once, which was a new one on the shelves, and still selling for $59 everywhere else. We got it for $25. I regularly find health & beauty products for under $1 each- full size Calgon lotions, hair dyes, deodorant, and more. I love sifting through there, even more so when I don't have the kids with me.

I also want to check out the craft stores, even though they're the same ones we have nearby. Aside from that, we'll likely get some lunch, and just enjoy a kid free day.

See you guys when I get back!

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Veronica said...

Have a fun day shopping.