Monday, March 29, 2010 Sale!

This weekend, I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics, where I bought something that A) I thought was $9.99 a yard, and B) thought was included in the Home Decor Fabrics Sale at 40% off.

I was then A) Shocked and B) Speechless when the fabric that should have cost roughly $6 a yard wound up being $17.99 a YARD!

I about died. Hubby, of course, said "So what, you like it, right? Buy it!" I, of course, did.

Today, I looked through to see if they had any good steals. Of course, they did. I found a cute, very similar medium weight fabric to recover a really cool chair, and I got it for under $5 a yard.

Better yet? They have a sale on all clearance fabrics!

Enter in clearance323 at checkout, and all your clearance items will drop in price by 30%!!

Should you wind up spending $35 or more, you can also get free shipping. But, the prices are low to begin with, so it may take quite a bit of fabric to do that!

They also have other items for crafting, including scrapbooking!

This is the fabric I ordered.

Upon going back to the site, I found more fabric I love even more, though, for a similar price. I may just have to order more, because how CUTE is THIS one?

And I also REALLY like this one:

All of these are home decor fabrics, suitable for making slip covers, or in my case, recovering a chair. I don't know if I would want that last one in a large quantity, but it'll take less than 1/2 a yard to re-do the chair I have, which is just about right.

The chair I keep mentioning? Oh, a total Goodwill SNAG. OMG, I was in love when I saw it!

I did a bit of research. The name on the bottom matches up with a New York furniture company that was around in mid 40's through the early 50's. It's sturdy, it doesn't wobble at all. It's gorgeous- or will be. The vinyl is all in great shape- it isn't cracked or torn at all. But, I want something prettier for my craft space!

I've never recovered a chair, so I'm excited to try it! I'll spray the frame a fun color, too. If I order that last fabric, I think a nice light blue would set the colors off without being too obnoxiously bright. The fabric I have here is bright stripes, very beach-like, and when we were looking at spray paints, the pale blue looked great against it. So did yellow.

Either way, the frame does need a spray job, as the paint is scuffed and marked up on the chair.

Isn't it fabulous, though? Go ahead, you may bask in the glory of it.


Sarah AKA The Thriftress said...

I'm heading over to now. I need to reupholster chairs as well. Thanks for the tip.

Expressions by Heather said...

You're welcome Sarah!

Mama Lusco said...

I had to remove my email from's newsletter - I was buying too much fabric! They have great prices! I recently ordered 30+ yards of home dec fabrics for draperies from them and was really impressed with the quality. Happy sewing!

Expressions by Heather said...

I had never looked at the site really before the other day, and fell in love. They have great prices!

Hope your drapes come out good, Mama!

Sarah @ The Pieces of MI Life said...

How long does the sale go for?

Expressions by Heather said...

It isn't advertised on the front page anymore, but the site is still accepting it. I'm not sure how long the code is good for, though. The free shipping seems to be pretty much standard.

AutumnBrooke said...

Do you know what the name of that black and pink fabric is? Or do you still have the link? I HAVE to have it! (and can't seem to find it)