Wednesday, March 3, 2010

St Patrick's Day Round Up

You know yesterday, when I said I hadn't finished (or started) a craft the night before? Well, that's kind of like the same as today. I am craft-less today. I wound up meeting Nick for lunch, then doing a bit of thrift store shopping. Then grocery shopping last night, so lots of running around.

So, here I sit without a craft again. Not a big deal, I suppose. The blog isn't just crafts. But, crafts ARE a fun part of what I do. I saw this morning, though, that Heather over at Dollar Store Crafts featured my Shamrock sign! Then I noticed a link to a blog carnival of St. Patrick's Day items, and found some adorable things!

If you find yourself being featured here, grab this special button I made just for the St. Patrick's Day items!


So, without further ado, some fun St. Patrick's Day crafts!

St Patricks Day Craft

Maria on Make & Takes made this cute little pot of gold! She used gold foil wrapped eggs, but any gold foil wrapped candy would work. I know Dollar Tree is carrying 3-packs of mini terra cotta pots right now, too!

Kelly at Make It Sparkly Mama made this cute Shamrock wall hanging using wooden hearts. Isn't it just darling?

Kimberly at Attempting Creative made cute little felt shamrock pins to give to her co-workers. They are just adorable, and easy to make!

Jessica at Majestic Street came up with this cute Shamrock wall hanging using 3 Heart Shaped straw wreaths from the dollar store! Isn't it cute?

Vickie at Spun Sugar Quilts posted this adorable quilted "Green Beer" table runner. Isn't it adorable? And those dolls are just the cutest!

Erin at Lucky Star Lane made this cute variation on the Book Wreath, using shades of green for St. Patrick's Day. This is cute, and could easily be changed up for other color themes, and holidays.

Serena at Naptime Crafts made this cute plate using vinyl and her Cricut. I just love that slightly un-lined up shamrock in the center!

Now, my own addition to the St. Patrick's Day Fun.

The Homemade Shamrock Shake! I love these, as does the rest of the family, but the price? Not so frugal.

So, here you have it, the top secret copy cat recipe for making your own shamrock shake.

2 Cups Vanilla Ice Cream
1/4 Cup Half & Half
1 Cup Milk
1/4 Teaspoon Mint Extract (Not Peppermint!)
8 drops green food coloring, if you want it green

We found the recipe was a bit liquidy, so next time, we'll probably use a touch more ice cream, and a bit less milk. Otherwise? It was perfect! This will make 2 12 ounce shakes, or 4 6 ounce shakes. 



Bridget said...

Love the projects! Thanks for the shake recipe. I'm a mintaholic and love it when I can order the green shakes.

Expressions by Heather said...

We love the mint shake here, too, and hated that it was so limited through out the year! We tried that recipe last night, and it went over great!