Monday, March 29, 2010

Talented Tuesday!

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For today's post, I'm featuring a trio of Dollar Store crafts I did over the weekend. All small, quick projects, but fun! First up is a craft I made for this week's challenge over at Dollar Store Crafts. The challenge required the use of place mats. 

We've seen purses, pillows, even diaper wipe covers made from them. I didn't want to do something I've seen before, but I was stumped. Finally, I saw something in the store that was perfect- belts. Thus, my idea was born.

Dollar Store Beach Bag

You'll Need:
2 woven belts
2 woven placemats
Sewing Machine
10 minutes- yes, 10 minutes.

  1. First, cut the end tab and the buckle off the belt. I cut a bit of excess off at the buckle, in case I find a use for them at some point.
  2. Pin the placemats wrong side out together, end to end. Sew the short ends together. 
  3. These belts were so thick, I could not pin the belts into place. I had to hold them into place as I sewed. I did my best to match them- you'll see how well THAT went later. I just sewed them so that the two ends were both on the same side of the placemat- it forms an upside down U so that the "handles" go all the way down the bag. Did that make sense?
  4. Once the handles are sewn on both sides, turn the bag inside out again, and just do a quick zig zag across the bottom. I clipped the corners to try and get straight corners when I turned it right side out. I failed.


This was SUPER easy, and is somewhat customizable, though it really depends on the colors of place mats available at any given time, and the availability of the belts. You could mix and match colors, or check your local thrift store, as well.  


$4 total- $1 each for place mats, and $1 each for 2 belts.

Want some cute Flip Flop appliques on your bag? Check out the tutorial I made for that! I added cute little Flip Flops to my bag today, and posted all about it.

Next, how about some SUPER quickies?

Flower & Butterfly Magnets

You'll Need:

Sheer Butterflies (2 large for $1 or 3 medium for $1 at DT)
Ribbon & Flower sets ($1 for 2 ribbons & a few assorted single color flowers at DT)
Hot Glue
Magnets (a great way to use up promotional magnets!)
Wire Cutters

  1. First, the butterflies each have wire on the back- clip that off with the wire cutters, or OLD, CRAPPY scissors (not new ones, or good ones!!)
  2. Add a dot of hot glue to a magnet, and press the butterfly onto a magnet.
  3. For the flowers, I did 2 layer, 2 color flowers. Glue a small flower onto a larger flower, then glue it onto a magnet.
 Costs- $2

These will be another magnet set for my niece Alex's magnet board that I made for her birthday!

And for 1 last Dollar Store craft...

Bunny Picks

These are something cute I found on the DSC's website, and they were too adorable not to make! Especially since I had EVERYTHING on hand! I had extra egg picks from making a quick wreath, so waste not, want not!

You'll Need:

Egg Picks, or Plastic Eggs
Pom Poms- White & colors
Googly Eyes
Hot Glue
Felt- White & colors

  1. Cut bunny ears in 2 colors, with white being smaller than the color. Glue the smaller portion onto the larger portion.
  2. Glue the ears to the egg on the backside, so the white middle is showing to the front.
  3. Take 2 white pom poms and 1 colorful pom pom. Glue them together in a triangle.
  4. Glue the triangle to the bottom front of the egg, with the color forming the top point of the triangle.
  5. Glue two google eyes to the front of the egg, above the triangle.
  6. Lather, Rinse, Repeat! You're done!


FREE or up, depending on what you have on hand! I was able to make 5!

Don't they look cute in my flowers? I had stuffed all the fake flowers I had into a vase simply for storage. I did the same with the bunnies, but now? I think they'll wind up going on the table on Easter Sunday.

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Nancy at said...

I seriously love the beach bag. You've given me some inspiration.

Expressions by Heather said...

You're welcome, Nancy! I was SO scared to sew it once I realized I couldn't PIN it at all. I imagined broken pins, and grinding sounds, but my machine went through the straps like a champ!

I do want to add a pocket, maybe, to the outside or inside for small things. I'm also trying to figure out how to use the buckles to create a closing strap on it.

Heather - said...

You did an awesome job on all your crafts. I always want to make something with those dollar store belts! Cute beach bag! And your bunnies turned out great! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm really happy to have found your blog. I saw your party at Fireflies and Jellybeans and thought i would check it out -- I'm glad I did. I signed up to follow you too!

I have a party on Wednesdays called the Boardwalk Bragfest, and I would love for you to visit me.

If you like or are inspired by anything, please feel to follow me too!

Keep up the great work. You have a very fun blog!

Morgan//Nuts and Bows said...

Heather! Thanks for hosting such a great link party! I love all the projects you put up!!

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Holly Lefevre said...

Fun projects. I have those same placemats (but didn't get my act together for that challenge). Your magnets are beautiful and your bunnies cute!

504 Main

Amanda said...

All your projects are wonderful! I really need to pull that old sewing machine out of the garage and tune it up. Bought it for $5 at a garage sale last summer! :)

The Single Nester said...

I think this looks great! With the rain I am having now, Summer Here I Come!

Anonymous said...

How sweet are those bunnies! Thanks for linking up!

Americana Lady said...

Such a cute summer bag! Made me wish I had a sewing machine. Happy Easter Joan

Atticmag said...

You're ready for Spring and Summer with those two. Hope you'll drop by and see our fantasy bath. -- Jane F.

KimMalk said...

Wow, you decided to go with the new format. I like it! I just have to figure my way around :).

The Charm of Home said...

Cute beach bag. I love the flip flop addition.

Chrissy said...

I love your projects! They're great! Thanks so much for hosting this. I wish I had more time to look at everyone's projects!

Denise Marie said...

Wow, it is amazing what you can do for a $1. Like the moment I found out I was preggers 12 years ago I discovered the delights of the Dollar store. Keep rockin' it!!

Expressions by Heather said...

$1 can stretch a long ways, that's for certain!

Thank you all for stopping by and adding to the links!

the mama monster said...

this is my first time visiting your blog. looks like you have some great ideas! off to explore.

Unknown said...

That bag is so cute and the bunnies are adorable!

Lori said...

What a pretty bag. I love the magnets as well. Everything turned out nice.

Thanks for joining Get Your Craft on Thursday. Please join me next week for another wonderful party!!

Please stop by next week I am having guest over each day and I would love for you to tell them HI!

Nikki said...

LOVE it!!!!!! I actually did a project with MOPS a few years back where we folded the placemat in half and then did roughly the same thing. But the bag was only big enough to fit maybe a magazine and a bottle of water. And when I travel, I travel with STUFF so I much prefer a big bag!!!!! Thanks for linking up! :)