Saturday, April 10, 2010

Baby Craft Week!

This upcoming weekend, I have a baby shower for a cousin who is being blessed with her first child. The baby's sex is a surprise, which limits the range of crafts I can make. I've also procrastinated, thus limiting further just what all I can do in time for the shower.

If you've made baby crafts- clothing, toys, nursery decorations, blankets, burp rags, pacifier clips, or anything else I haven't imagined, please link your craft to this post!

I have 2 yards of minky fabric- 1 yard each in 2 different colors/patterns. Half yard each is being made into a blanket, leaving me another full yard of slinky soft minky fabric.

I am looking for more projects to include in the gift, but I am eager to see all of your wicked fabulous projects!

The Rules

1) Post a blog about something you've made- a refurnish, recipes, a craft project, a sewing project, room decoration, anything you've done!

2) Add a link to your blog post- not to the blog itself, but to the individual posts! You can post more than one project, just add more links! The links should look something like:

and NOT like this:

3) Add the code below to your blog, so that others can post their projects here as well!

Don't forget to look at the links on the list, and let people know where you found their post at!

This MckLinky will remain open and accepting links through Saturday Afternoon, April 17th!!


Unknown said...

Here is some baby shower gifts I have sewn. I also crochet baby blankets.

Expressions by Heather said...

Thanks Kami- I added the links to the post!

Julie said...

The taggie blanket I posted is an awesome way to use the minky fabric... love it! Let me know if you have questions about how I did it... It was easy! Thanks! Julie

Crafty Mommy said...

ive got quite a few baby crafts. ive got one due in 10 days!

hooded towel(made for a toddler)

Crib sheets

crib skirt