Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Birthday Contests!

The most dreaded day in an adult woman's life is coming up for me. My birthday. Really, at this point, the only "important" birthday's left are the ones that come with black balloons and over-the-hill cards. It's not that I'm old, or even that I feel old. However, despite being young still, the greeting card companies feel that Over-The-Hill is acceptable at age 35. I'm a few years off from that (3, shh...), but none-the-less, they are the only "important" ones left.

I'm digressing greatly, aren't I?

So, here is what I want to do- a week long Birthday celebration with giveaways. I am looking for some crafty bloggers out there who want some free publicity, and who are willing to donate a prize. In total, I want to do 7 giveaways, 1 per day for the 3 days before, the day of, and the 3 days after my birthday (April 24-30th).

Each prize will have it's own completely dedicated post, complete with free advertising for your blog, and as a bonus, you'll also receive 1 month of free advertising on my blog via a 125x125 ad on the side bar.

If anyone out there is interested in sponsoring a prize, please let me know! I'll run the contest here on my blog, each contest lasting 1 week for entries. The entry will include your blog title, links, and picture features of some of the items you have on your blog or etsy shop.

Things that would make great contest giveaways:

Homemade Jewelry
Homemade Baby Items
Blog Graphics
Advertising on YOUR blog
Homemade Gifts- wall hangings, planters, wind chimes, etc- your imagination is the limit!
Gift Cards
Gift Money to your Etsy Shop
Homemade Bath Items

Please email me if you are interested!



Unknown said...

Just emailed you :)

the thrifty ba said...

all im going to say is that im turning 39 next week and i love celebrating my birthday! and i do it all. month. long.
yes-feel bad for my family.
btw-im naming you as one of my favorite bloggers. still working on the post...

Expressions by Heather said...

Thank you!

I don't really mind my birthday so much, but it's just never been a big deal since I turned 18. I had my oldest daughter the day after my 18th birthday. Now, it's always been about her (rightly so!), where as my family all gets together for dinner or a night out for both my brothers and my sister's birthdays. Mine gets lumped in with my daughters, and more often than not, not even with a birthday card.

I don't have a lot of friends, and none really where we live now, so my birthday is just always a big round of BLAH. ;)

J Rodney said...

Sorry to hear about the Sudafed mishap! I'm considering taking some myself, but I'm not sure how well it goes with breastfeeding.

I'm amazed about all of the creativity that seems to be flowing around your site these days.

Feel better soon!