Sunday, May 2, 2010

Twlight Party: Book Covers

To help tie the book covers into the party, we added in several of the items to represent each one.

From Twlight, Red Delicious Apples to eat.

From New Moon, I found plain white fake tulips at Dollar Tree, and red nail polish for $.50. I streaked them red! We laid them out on the table, but then gave one to each of the girls.

From Eclipse, Tattered and torn red ribbon. I found wide red satin ribbon at Dollar Tree, and bought 1 roll. I used scissors to snip holes, then rubbed at the loose threads and pulled at them to make the ribbon tattered and torn. We wound one length around one of the containers, then let the rest of it trail around the table.

And from Breaking Dawn, I found a Chess set from Dollar Tree (actually, Nick got it for Christmas from Raegan, who got it at DT, so it was on-hand), and grabbed out all the black pieces to set around the table. I also found in my possession, a fun wooden candle holder from Goodwill, and a glass apothecary jar also from Goodwill. When I set the jar ontop of the candle holder, it looked like a Bishop! I spray painted the holder burgundy, and stuck them together.

Those were the ways we incorporated the book titles into the Candy Buffet- I think they turned out really good, and I didn't spend much at all for all of it.

3# of Red Delicious Apples- $2.99
Chess Set- $1 (was on hand)
Wooden Candle Holder- $.29 (was on hand)
Glass Apothecary Jar- $.29 (was on hand)
Red Satin Ribbon- $1
Tulips- $1
Nail Polish- $.50

All in all, even counting the on-hand items, it cost me $7.07 before tax, and part of it doubled as food on the buffet! Part of the ribbon will be salvageable for future projects, too.

Some fun, easy ways to decorate, though, for a Twilight party. Maybe a party for when Eclipse comes out in June?

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Marie@Procrastinating in Pink said...

awesome decorations! I LOVE the idea of a twilight fun!! I'm sure your daughter had the best bday!

Unknown said...

so creative! i love twilight but never could have come up with all of this. it looks like a teenage girl's dream birthday party!

Kaysi said...

That is so fun! I'm sure she thought you were the coolest!

Shelly said...

So cute. Wish I was a teeny bopper

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

So cute and clever. Great theme.