Monday, August 2, 2010

Listia, & Cameras!

Listia is a web-auction site, similar to eBay with a few notable differences.

First- there are NO FEES to post items on Listia.

Second- it isn't a cash system. You use credits- which means no profits, but, it means you can find some neat stuff for free, too.

The site starts you off with 200 points, which isn't really much in value (though, Listia the site will value 200 points at $20, the users value it at more like $1-5 in value). But, it's enough to pick up some fun things free right off the bat.

Some users charge shipping, others don't. Either way, my reason for bringing this up, is because I've been auctioning off hair clips on the site. Today, I listed 2 new ones:

I also have a third clip set up, but it's for 2 or more pairs of clippies. It's a 'tiered' auction. On Listia, you can set your own limits on the auction, and many people do 'tiered' auctions- the site limits you to a starting value of 0-100, so to get around that, many people will list an auction where the more the auction sells for, the more you get.

For instance, in MY tiered auction, you get to pick 2 pairs of clippies (4 clippies total) from a set of 18 pairs if the bidding ends at 0-149 points. From 150-299 points, you get to pick 3 pairs. From 300-449, you get to pick 4 pairs, and so on, up to 6 pairs total.

Below are the pictures of the sets I show on the auction to choose from:

I've been enjoying Listia. So far, I've only won 2 auctions, but both were worth it! The fist was a set of 3 DS styluses, which are easy to lose, and cost $8 for 3 in the store. I got them for 90 credits, and $2 shipping.

The other one I won... well, I -love- it! It's a Canon DSLR camera bag. Now, for those of you who have SLR's, you'll know that the bags made for them can cost anywhere from $50 on up, and that's for the cheap ones that don't hold much.

I won the bag for 32 credits, and paid $4.85 to have it shipped. Now, my other fantastic news? My bag arrived on Friday. And so did my SLR camera! I have a camera I'm testing out, and if I like it, I can buy it for $400. It's an Olympus E-330 with a 14-45mm lens, and a 40-150mm lens. I love it! The same camera goes for $550 on eBay with 1 lens. The second lens goes for close to $100 on eBay, so over all, I saved $250 on what I got, plus another $50 on the bag!

Here are a few photos I took with my new SLR.


FrugalMom said...

Congratulations on the new camera Heather! It sounds like you found a great deal too.

NYCLQ said...

This is great! Happy to have stumbled upon your blog today (although I can't seem to recall where from lol) but I appreciate your organized LINK PARTY PAGE! and your fun facts about photography!

:D Lynda